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The top 3 from the Juniors and Seniors Youth Speaking Competition

Recap of Youth Speaker Slam: Online Speaking Competition

Mar 30, 2021

Last night I witnessed 10 youth compete at Speaker Slam. I was in awe of their brilliance and professionalism at such a young age. Their speeches were incredible and their poise on point! My favorite moment was watching the winners elation. That beautiful moment when the seeds of potential and possibility are planted. So beautiful.

Congrats to our junior winners Ariel, Alithea, and Amos, and to our senior winners Ana, Angel, and Anita. A is for Awesome:)

A huge thank you to our judges Blake Fleischacker, Rachel Weinstock, and Joel Hilchey You were brilliant and insightful and your prizes will really help these aspiring speakers. Thank you for being so generous. xo

We had over 150 people attend the event so thank you! I love seeing our community out to encourage and support. I know that we are all adjusting to socializing online but it was great seeing our attendees use the networking feature and connect with each other:)

Youth Slam will definitely return this September, spread the word!