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Young people today will become the leaders of tomorrow and at Youth Speaker Slam our mission is to be the catalyst that propels Youth forward by providing them with a platform to share their inspiring stories and revolutionary ideas.
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Submit your 4 minute inspirational speech and compete on our Virtual Stage for a chance to win a prize package worth up to $2500 and a chance to solidify your brand as an award winning youth speaker!









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 ​Criteria to Compete:
  • 4 minute original prepared speech on the theme
  • Provide a headshot and fill out the consent form after registering
  • Compliance to the timing and format of the event
  • $50 entry fee
  • Not open to EU entrants
  • Age Eligibility: 17 years old and under
  • No Music
  • No Broll: Any sort of image or video during the speech to illustrate a point is not allowed.
  • Subtitles are allowed
    Props are allowed
  • Multiple angles are allowed
  • Anything MORE than 4.31 minutes is disqualified
What's in for you?
  • Speaker Slam Medal
  • Signature Video (Valued at $997)
    Prize package from judges valued over $2500 which could include books, courses, coaching and mentorship.
  • Exposure to people in the professional speaking community
  • Creative expression
  • The thrill of competition
  • Connect with other passionate speakers


Blake Fly

Blake is a huge fan of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is heavily lactose intolerant and his favorite movie is admittedly The Notebook. Blake has been a TEDx conference host, a featured TEDx speaker and is the author of “The Campus Life Guide.” He has shared the stage with CBC’s Rick Mercer.

Blake spent nearly a decade living, learning and leading in university residences as a Residence Advisor, Don and then in his first career as a Residence Manager of one of the country’s largest student buildings. During his university days, Blake lived with over 6000 roommates and in that time he lead groups of students on service learning trips throughout the USA and The Dominican Republic.

Blake is known for his creative approach to community building, both back in school and in present day. He transfers his lessons from campus life to his daily life. Blake’s work has been featured on City TV, CBC and even the National News.

Pauleanna Reid

Pauleanna Reid is a senior contributor at ForbesWomen and founder of The WritersBlok, a full-service celebrity ghostwriting agency. A purpose-driven entrepreneur with a storied career, when she doesn’t have a pen in her hand you can find Pauleanna mentoring millennial women and delivering university guest lectures on entrepreneurship; She is also a mental health advocate and public speaker widely known for using clever wit and candor to help young adults see beyond the limits of their circumstances.

Joel Hilchey

Joel Hilchey is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and university educator. Whether creating unforgettable spectacles on the stage, writing books, or leading his creative team of education reformers, his job is always the same: to help people see beyond the bothersome limits of what is and imagine a better way.

Joel has two books – one that’s illustrated, and another one about becoming fearlessly creative. He founded a youth engagement initiative called The Beanstalk Project, is chair of the board of the world-renowned Hamilton Children’s Choir, and sang for 10 years in (arguably) Canada’s best barbershop quartet. He recently started taking circus classes, and he also loves to travel, cook, do yoga, and taste exotic foods, but that stuff is just for fun.

Joel was named one of the Top 150+ Alumni at McMaster University. 

Rachel Weinstock

Rachel Weinstock is a Transformational Coach & Speaker for pre-teens and teenagers who struggle with bullying, low self-esteem and anxiety.

She is the Creator of “Enough Is Enough: Getting To The Heart Of Bullying Prevention” and “Virtual Club for Pre-Teens” - an online program that focused on mindfulness and creativity.

For 17+ years, Rachel has travelled the world teaching, speaking & storytelling, and today she is on a mission to create a world where every child feels happy, confident, and safe to be the most authentic, creative version of themselves.

Judging Criteria  

The speech will be scored out a 100 points from the following categories:


Storytelling (30 pts)

  • Powerful personal story
  • Vivid and descriptive
  • Entertaining
  • Relevant learnings from story

Universal Message (25 pts)

  • Powerful and meaningful message
  • Strong moral to the story
  • Great learnings
  • Message worth sharing

Emotional Connection (15 pts)

  • Inspiring and Impactful
  • Resonates, passionate, heart touching
  • Ability to connect the audience emotionally to their speech

Presentation (10 pts)

  • Vocal variety
  • Body Language and performance
  • Powerful and commanding

Uniqueness (10 pts)

  • Creativity
  • Innovative
  • The “It” Factor

Language (10 pts)

  • Compelling use of language
  • Powerful word selection