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On United Nations’ Global Day of Parents (June 1st 2022), during Canada’s accessibility week (May 29th to June 4th 2022), we will be celebrating Parents with Disabilities. 12 speakers – all parents with disabilities - will be sharing about how they advocated for themselves and other parents that do not fit the predetermined mold nor the normative expectations of what a parent should look and be like.

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After a tumultuous 2 years, we can all relate to the pain and brokenness we’ve experienced in our lives due to the Pandemic. Relationships have been strained, businesses and home lives have been derailed and destroyed and for many, mental health has been pushed to the brink. What our world needs now, is healing.

The ancient Japanese art of mending broken objects with Gold teaches us that if we choose to embrace our struggles and repair ourselves with love, we become more beautiful for having been broken.

Join us on June 22nd when our 10 finalists will go head-to-head and heart to heart as they share their own experiences with Healing. They will compete for a prize package valued up to $5,000+ courtesy of our judges, as well as an opportunity to move on the Grand Slam to win the coveted title of Speaker Slam’s Inspirational Speaker of the Year. It’s time to let our voices be heard!









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Mix & Mingle:

It's time to dress up and put a comb through your hair. Speaker Slam is putting the 'social' back in social life!  You will be paired up with our community members in 2-minute intervals (no awkward good-byes) and discover new friends while playing fun interactive games! You'll also have chances to win cool door prizes.  It's an evening to look forward to!

Break-out Sessions

Join intimate groups for discussions and facilitated sessions lead by experts and community members.  Share your voice and connect with like-minded people.  This is your chance to be seen and heard.  

An Evening of Inspiration

Be inspired by our phenomenal speakers sharing their personal stories and be entertained by two wonderful (and adorable) hosts :)

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