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Speaker Slam: Self-Acceptance | Inspirational Speaking Competition

Our Inspirational Speaking Competition features 10 competitors going head to head and heart to heart, to inspire you with their stories. Are you interested in competing?  Sign up here!









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Mix & Mingle:

It's time to dress up and put a comb through your hair. Speaker Slam is putting the 'social' back in social life!  You will be paired up with our community members in 2-minute intervals (no awkward good-byes) and discover new friends while playing fun interactive games! You'll also have chances to win cool door prizes.  It's an evening to look forward to!

Break-out Sessions

Join intimate groups for discussions and facilitated sessions lead by experts and community members.  Share your voice and connect with like-minded people.  This is your chance to be seen and heard.  

An Evening of Inspiration

Be inspired by our phenomenal speakers sharing their personal stories and be entertained by two wonderful (and adorable) hosts :)

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