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Speaker Slam® is a one-of-a-kind Speaker Development Agency 


We help mission-driven, heart centered Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Entrepreneurs create and build a unique personal brand with speaking and video.

  • We offer powerful training programs for both Emerging and Momentum Speakers.
  • We specialize in Video Marketing and Speaker Reels.
  • We run North America's largest Inspirational Speaking Competition.
  • We create Conferences and Events that provide a platform for Speakers to make an impact with their voice.

Join us at our Momentum Conference this November and Reignite Your Passion and Purpose!


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We're Dan and Rina and we're the Co-Founders of Speaker Slam®


We met 7 years ago and bonded over our shared love of Personal Development, Public Speaking and our desire to take Center Stage.

The truth is, we laughed louder than anyone else in the room and we wanted to hang out and dream big. We wanted to create something MAGICAL that would shake the world up and really make an Impact.

 Since then we’ve had close to a thousand speakers on our stages - both live and virtual. We’ve had over 500 million views on their videos through Online Media Companies. We’ve seen our speakers go on to TEDx stages, paid speaking gigs, book deals, press, documentaries and many other life changing opportunities.

 We stand committed to creating speaking opportunities for Heart-Centered, Mission-Driven Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Entrepreneurs and we provide stages for them to Compete and be paid.


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Online Competition

Compete on our Virtual Stage for a chance to win a prize package valued up to $5000 and the title of Inspirational Speaker of the Year.

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Emerging Speakers

Discover your passion and purpose, get clear on your message and create powerful speeches and videos to build your brand.

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Speakers Academy

Our powerful Emerging Speakers Program combined with our Professional Speaker Track, so you can move forward in your speaking journey.

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"Speaker Slam changed my Life! It gave me a supportive community I am proud and honored to be part of and it made me see a future that I always dreamt of but was too scared and lacked the confidence to achieve on my own! Winning the Grand Slam was a dream come true!"

Marjorie Aunos

2021 Inspirational Speaker of the Year