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Craft a powerful 4-minute speech on the theme and compete in our online competition for a prize package valued at over $10,000 courtesy of our stellar judges that includes coaching, mentorship, courses, books and more plus a phenomenal brand building Signature Video courtesy of Speaker Slam!





Embrace your unique beauty and join us in celebrating the beauty of all bodies! We're searching for passionate and inspiring storytellers to share their stories, experiences, and insights on body positivity. Our competition aims to promote a healthy body image and self-confidence among people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

This is your chance to shine and inspire others with your journey of self-love and self-acceptance. Whether you've overcome body shaming, learned to love your curves, or have insights to share on cultivating a positive body image, we want to hear from you!

Alone we cannot change the world, but together we can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.

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Compete Now!

What is Speaker Slam®?

We are a Speaker Development Agency that helps cultivate the next generation of Thought Leaders. We are best known for creating North America's Largest Inspirational Speaking Competition, where you share your life story in order to inspire your community to take action.

We help mission-driven, heart-centered speakers, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs, create powerful, inspirational, and transformative performances so that they can build their brand and make a massive impact.

Our speakers have gone on to get paid speaking gigs, TEDx talks, book deals, press, documentaries, virality, create movements and events plus so much more!

  Hi We're Rina & Dan

We give people a platform to share their message and inspire the world.

We wanted to provide a platform for people to shine in their brilliance and be seen and heard.

We watched as our speakers gave winning performances that created countless life-changing opportunities.


We witnessed them elevate and redefine their personal brands, creating new, empowering businesses.


And we saw them leveraging their success to birth movements and build momentum that catapulted them to greatness.


Are you ready?



Each speech is an opportunity to get clear on your message to the world and to use your voice to inspire, elevate and empower.  Don't miss one single opportunity to make your message matter!

The competition is there to fuel your fire. Challenge yourself to be the best and to continually get better! Feel the adrenaline and revel in the glory of making it into our Top 10 as you journey to the Grand Slam. 

Win a life-changing prize package valued up to $10,000 that can include coaching, mentorship, courses, and more and a phenomenal brand building Signature Video courtesy of Speaker Slam! 

Move on to the Grand Slam in November, when the best speakers of the year return. This is your opportunity to potentially become the Inspirational Speaker of the Year and win a prize package valued up to $10,000+

Compete at Speaker Slam and build a portfolio of speeches that align with your brand and show the world who you really are.  Connect with your community and clients through your speaking.

Use your speech as the foundation of a TEDx, include it in a video reel, create a workshop based on your content and add it to your website. Your success can garner press and paid speaking opportunities.


Speakers from around the world submit their 4-minute speeches through video and upload them on Inspiration Day to create impact globally with other speakers. Use your voice to build your brand all while making the difference you want to see in the world around you.

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March 17th - 9 PM EST

Inspiration Day

Share your speech online to inspire your community. One person is selected based on their performance.

March 20th

Top 10 Reveal

Our team will select 10 speakers to move forward. The speakers have 1 week improve their speeches. 

March 22nd - 6pm EST

The Competition

The speakers will present virtually in front of 4 judges and guests for a prize package valued at up to $10,000. 

March 29th - 7pm EST


The top 10 speakers that move forward will have a credible panel of judges evaluate their speeches and provide their feedback. 

Brooke Castillo

Founder of The Life Coach School, Master Certified Life Coach, and Author

She is a Master Certified Life Coach and marketing expert who has been a leader in the self-development industry for over 17 years. She is the founder of The Life Coach School and the creator of the Model, a five-step framework that solves any problem using causal coaching. Her coaching empire has expanded into training and certifying life coaches, coaching thousands of clients, and creating the group coaching program, Self Coaching Scholars. Brooke is also a prolific content creator, hosting The Life Coach School Podcast and authoring 20+ self-help books. Her company's revenue has grown by 740% to multiple eight figures, and her goal is to make $100 million in one year. Find out more at | Follow her @therealbrookecastillo

Nicholas Kusmich

Founder and Director of the H2H Media Group

He is best known as a Leading Digital Advertising Strategist and for generating over $600M in revenue for himself and his clients. He is the founder of the H2H Media Group.Working with A-List clients, including top thought-leaders, NYT Best Selling Authors, Top Inc 500 and fast growth companies he creates marketing campaigns that don’t suck and allows you to scale your business at will. All of his information can be found at | Follow him @nicholaskusmich

Samara Bay

Speech Coach and the Author of Permission to Speak

She is a speech coach for Hollywood stars, and for anyone looking to communicate better. Her clients range from candidates for U.S. Congress to C-suite executives, international diplomats, thought leaders, and high school girls. Her new Penguin Random House book, PERMISSION TO SPEAK, is a revolution in how to think about your voice and everyone else’s -- available in 15+ countries. Find our more at | Follow her @SamaraBay

Shawn Quintero

High-Ticket Sales Trainer, Abundance Coach & 7-Figure Launch Strategist

Known as ShawnQ, he is a sales and leadership coach whospecializes in helping experts easily attract and connect with high-paying dream clients so you can have more fun and grow your business without the ick, sleaze, and sales tricks of the past. Find out more at | Follow him @heyshawnq


Win a prize package valued up to $10,000 which can include courses, mentorship, coaching and more. These prizes will be invaluable in helping you along in your speaking journey.

The Grand Prize for First Place:


 Signature Legacy Video: Speaker Slam transform's your winning speech into a mini-movie production with pictures and music. Our Signature Video immortalizes your speech and creatively captures the essence of who you are as a speaker! (Value $1497)

 Entry to the Grand Slam: The top 2 will join the best speakers of the year in the Ultimate Grand Slam to determine the 2023 Inspirational Speaker of the Year! (Value Life-Changing)

 Brooke Castillo: Get Coached in Self Coaching Scholars - You’ll receive four private one-to-one sessions with a highly trained Certified Life Coach. (Value $5,000) 

In Get Coached you’ll also have access to:

  • Our entire product suite of courses, which includes
    Stop Overeating, Stop Overdrinking, Self Confidence, How To Make
    More Money, How To Change What is Possible in Your Life,
    Relationship Mastery, and 16 additional courses.
  • Access to daily group coaching classes. (Topics include Money,
    Business, Relationships, Beliefs, Procrastinating, and more.)
  • Ask a Coach Forum where you can ask to be coached anonymously on
    any topic in writing.
  • All of Brooke Castillo’s books.

 Nicholas Kusmich: Art Of Lead Generation Self-Study Program: Everything you need to generate more leads and more clients on demand. (Value $4,000)

 ShawnQ: Clients of Purpose Course - Create a high-converting sales system and scale your business by landing high-ticket clients. (Value $9,997)

 Samara Bay: How To Use Your Voice to Get What You Want Coaching Sessions: Three 30min sessions on how to step into your storytelling and leadership like you're the new sound of power. (Value $2250)

Second Place:


 Brooke Castillo: Life Coach Blueprint Course: How to Create Value in Your Life and
Business - This course has been carefully designed to take you to exactly where you
want to be and create the future of your dreams. It takes the teachings of The
Life Coach School and distills them into straightforward, impactful, and
actionable modules so that you can jumpstart any transformation you desire.
This is an incredible value that is not available for purchase. (Valued at $2,000)

 ShawnQ: Coaching Session - 30 minute 1-on-1 with ShawnQ: (Valued at $1500)

Third Place:

  Brooke Castillo: Three Life Coach School Podcast Wisdom Books: How to Have a Better
Life book, Journal, and Pen (Valued at $250)

  1. How To Have A Better Life by Brooke Castillo is a no-nonsense,
    simple approach to building and living your best life. You’ll learn the
    techniques successful professionals use to overcome fear, failure, and
    self doubt by managing your own mind. Become unstuck, grow, and
  2. Wisdom From The Life Coach School Podcast books 1-3. These
    books contain summarized notes and insights from The Life Coach
    School podcast broken down into bite-sized chunks so you can easily
    apply them to create the desired results you want in your life.
  3. Journal: Writing your thoughts down helps you examine your mind. Do so with a
    beautiful Life Coach School embossed leather journal and ink pen.

 ShawnQ: Coaching Session - 30 minute 1-on-1 with ShawnQ: (Valued at $1500)

Judging Criteria

The speech will be scored out a 100 points from the following categories:

Storytelling (30 pts)

  • Powerful personal story
  • Vivid and descriptive
  • Entertaining
  • Relevant learnings from story

Universal Message (20 pts)

  • Powerful and meaningful message
  • Strong moral to the story
  • Great learnings
  • Message worth sharing

Transformative (15 pts)

  • Inspiring and Impactful
  • Shows a journey and a resolution
  • Highlights an evolution for the speaker
  • Helps transform the audience

Personal Brand Building (15 pts)

  • Demonstrates a speaker's values
  • A clear vision of the speaker’s identity
  • Captures the essence of the speaker
  • Supports a speaker’s vision and brand

Presentation (10 pts)

  • Vocal variety
  • Body Language and performance
  • Compelling use of language
  • Powerful word selection

Authenticity (10 pts)

  • Sincere
  • Genuine
  • Real and not contrived
  • Relatable


We've created this criteria ensure fairness, please follow to avoid disqualification.

Video Submission Rules

  • No Music
  • No B-roll: Any sort of image or video to illustrate a point is not allowed.
  • Subtitles are allowed
  • Multiple angles are allowed
  • Anything MORE than 4.31 minutes is disqualified

Top 10 Rules

  • No Sharing Your Screen & sound
  • Props are allowed
  • Anything MORE than 5.31 minutes starts to lose 1 point for every 3 seconds 


What People Are Saying

Mike Shoreman

"Winning Speaker Slam changed me forever! My speech went viral and my life has never been the same. It's given my voice bigger meaning. Recently, I did an interview on Global News because none of this would've happened without taking the stage at Speaker Slam."

Marjorie Aunos

"Speaker Slam changed my Life! It gave me a supportive community I am proud and honored to be part of and it made me see a future that I always dreamt of but was too scared and lacked the confidence to achieve on my own! Winning the Grand Slam was a dream come true!"

Lindsay Rae D'Ottavio

"Speaker Slam was an amazing experience for me, it allowed me to create a powerful speech, and a brand building video that really represented who I am. I was able to use that video as the foundation of my TEDx. This is such a loving and supportive community of individuals who truly exist to inspire and motivate."

Make 2023 the year you leave your mark!

Sam Demma

"Since speaking at Speaker Slam, I have met so many new people. I have gotten over a dozen speaking engagements, whether that be at high schools, camps, or conferences. And to top it all off just recently I got asked to speak at a TEDx event because of my involvement with Speaker Slam"

Shirin Ariff

"My life has never been the same ever since I first stood up on stage at Speaker Slam. I have been speaking at various other speaking events and platforms. I completed writing my book because I was so empowered by the love and appreciation of the community at Speaker Slam."

Armin Shafee

"Ever since I competed in Speaker Slam, my speaking career has absolutely catapulted. I've got to meet incredible people. I've got to perfect my craft from stages. I've even written some of my best award-winning speeches because I was competing in this beautiful competition"

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