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How Our Yellow Brick Road Book Came To be

Aug 09, 2022

We were brought to tears...

Marjorie Aunos booked a meeting with us not knowing what we were getting ourselves into.

One by one the zoom panel grew as the #SpeakerSlamFam joined.

What happened next was powerful.

A book was being written and it was inspired by the journey that is Speaker Slam. Marjorie Aunos originally won book coaching with Life to Paper for her Grand Slam prize. In their generous fashion, they went above and beyond to serve others. Thank you Tabitha Rose for everything you've done to support our speakers.

Our Yellow Brick Road is such a special book.

It brewed out of the pandemic, out of community, and out of our shared passion for storytelling.

This happened organically. In the video you can see what this looks like for us.

I was later asked to contribute a chapter and the fear set in. Was I going to reveal my journey? The part of my life journey that I've tried to push away and hide? Then I read the chapters in the book.

It gave me permission to share my truth on paper.

Writing my life out in this way was such a healing experience. I'm excited to lean into what led me to Speaker Slam. The stories in this book inspired me to share mine. If my story can inspire just 1 other person then it was worth it.

I'm so excited to release this book this August 16th in conjunction with the Comeback event. The event will work as our book launch day. I am so proud of everyone involved.

Join the comeback event on August 16th in Toronto at Lula Lounge. Livestream tickets also available: https://www.speakerslam.org/events