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The Winners for the Comeback...

Aug 17, 2022

So many emotions!

Incredibly proud and ecstatic that we launched out powerfully after a long hiatus from Lula Lounge. Every table was full, every ticket was sold. The speakers were wonderful, and kudos to Dan for getting some pretty impressive judges. And of course, our Speaker Slam and Academy fam were out in full force to lovingly support xo

Our winner Marcos Mendosa left it all on the stage with his awe-inspiring performance. He IS a (brilliant) public speaker, and a very deserving Speaker Slam Champion. Amanda Chen delivered an incredibly authentic and engaging performance to win 2nd place, and Pat Labez shared a beautifully emotional speech to take 3rd. Congrats to Kady Romagnuolo for rounding out the top 4 with her vulnerable share.

Kudos to all of the speakers who brought their A Game. It was a great night of storytelling and we are incredibly proud of you all.

Thank you to Joel Brown, Maria Locker, Bobby Umar, and Tarzan Kay for spending the evening with us. Your warmth and support means everything, and your generous prizes will make a huge difference for our speakers.

So much love to the  2021 Inspirational Speaker of the Year, Marjorie Aunos for making the trip from Montreal. It was incredible having you on stage, and celebrating our Bestselling book status with the One Yellow Brick Road team.

The Comeback competition was a great success as we continue on our Journey to the Grand Slam Stage. This year we'll be celebrating these speakers at the Glenn Gould Theatre. This monumental event will be held alongside our Momentum Conference on November 19th - Save the Date!!


- Rina Rovinelli