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Super excited to share Speaker Slam got featured on AMI-TV through the Breaking Character documentary!

May 01, 2022

Last year during the pandemic we were one of the few events trying to do live events and an opportunity arose where the Filmmaker & Producer reached out to me. It was divine timing with our Body Beautiful event and we had Dan Barra-Berger take our stage!

I'm so happy about how it turned out.

I love seeing the evolution of the Speaker Slam stage and the many opportunities it is creating for our speakers beyond the moment. The ripple effects are real!

Breaking Character explores disability representation through the eyes of six performers with disabilities trying to make it onto the screen, stage, comedy club circuit, and runway.

This candid 10-part serial documentary captures the journey of these mould-breaking performers as they navigate the fast-paced and sometimes cutthroat entertainment industry. Each episode features two or three of the performers, delving into their daily life, and taking us behind the scenes as they go through the audition process, hone their craft, eagerly await news of whether or not they get the gig, and adapt to the pressures of life in the business.
Dan Barra-Berger at Speaker Slam’s “Body Beautiful” competition will be airing on AMI-TV on Wed June 8 at 8 pm.

You can also watch the entire series here: