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Book Launch: Our Yellow Brick Road with Life to Paper Publishing

Aug 03, 2022

Speaker Slam is proud to announce that our founders will be in a book that was created within the community!

Our 2021 Inspirational Speaker of the Year Marjorie Aunos in Collaboration with Life to Paper Publishing has brought together the Speaker Slam family to create a book: Our Yellow Brick Road!

Our Yellow Brick Road is an anthology of humans who know of the impact of storytelling. Drawn together by the empowering nature of storytelling, each of these storytellers has discovered their voice and shares their gift on stage.

Whether you're a storyteller who has yet to discover your voice or a story master who paved the road for us, our stories will inspire you!

This book is a celebration of community, where you – dear reader – can go on a voyage with us, on this road that is paved with yellow bricks, and where we find friends along the way.

How did we get here?

A few months ago Marjorie booked a meeting with Rina and me.

What happened next left us shook.

As we waited, we started to see many of our Speaker Slam family filling the room. What started as a business meeting ended with us in tears after Marjorie shared her project with us.

As a result of winning the Grand Slam, she was gifted the opportunity to work with Life to Paper Publishing and get her own book done. In her generous, kind nature, Marjorie reached out and gifted 13 speakers with their own chapter, including our co-founders.

The Authors Involved:

- Navi Bliss
- Julianna Bootsman
- Daniel Burns
- Donald Carr
- Celeste Frenette
- Patrick Richard Garcia
- Kristin Light
- Ingrid Palmer
- Kady Romagnuolo
- Maria-Elena Emmy Rousseau
- Rina Rovinelli
- Catherine Wallis
- Dan Shaikh

A powerful thank you to Marjorie Aunos who is the inspiration for leading this initiative. For those that want to help, with our August launch please join our launch group for the book: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1438812536540190

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