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Meet Your Speakers for the Belonging Competition

Jul 03, 2023

Belonging is about being seen, heard, and valued for who you are.

Join us on July 25th live in Toronto at Lula Lounge for Speaker Slam®, an evening of inspiration and connection, as 10 remarkable speakers take the stage to share their stories of Belonging.

Belonging is a fundamental human need, yet many of us struggle to find our place in the world. But what if we could embrace our differences and use them to connect with others on a deeper level? What if we could find belonging in the very things that make us unique?

At Speaker Slam, you'll hear from speakers who have done just that - who have found belonging in the face of adversity and rejection. They have overcome obstacles and turned their differences into strengths, forging deep connections and empowering others to do the same.

Their stories will inspire you to embrace your own unique journey and to see the value in every aspect of yourself. You'll learn how to use your differences to connect with others and create a sense of belonging wherever you go. Join us on July 25th and discover the power of true belonging.





Stephanie McAuliffe

Speaker, Personal Transformation Consultant, Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer

Utah, USA

I embody the peace available to us all when we choose to actively heal our trauma. I’m fascinated by the human condition, our internalized energetic patterns, and the interconnected spiderwebs we weave. I deeply understand the impact of trauma held within the body and the importance to our vitality to clear it. After a 27-year career on Wall Street, I’m the founder of The Way of the Diamond Warrior and create bridges to healing.




Adrian Leckie

Entrepreneur, Speaker

Ontario, Canada

As a dedicated professional at the University of Toronto Scarborough, Adrian leads the Imani Black Academic Mentorship Program, which supports Black youth in getting into Post-Secondary Education through mentorship. With a laser focus on equity, Adrian's work as a speaker centres around creating opportunities for the next generation by supporting racialized young professionals and youth as in discovering their unique strengths and showcasing them to the world.




Jean-François Lacasse

Author | Keynote speaker | Social entrepreneur

Quebec, Canada

Don't believe that depression can't happen to you because I never saw it coming…
Former lawyer and financial planner, that experience marked a turning point in my life. Since then, I’m known for being highly devoted to mental health. I channeled my energy into creating workshops, keynote speeches and a supportive online community. With a heart full of compassion, my goal is to prevent psychological distress on a larger scale in the corporate space.




Neila Ramsingh

CEO & Life Coach

Ontario, Canada

I am a suicide survivor, a fighter and a life coach. I finally unleash the happiness from within my heart and started to create the life I want without suicide thoughts. I am living my authentic life, because it is only one on me in this universe. My mission to touch everyone's heart with love, and to help them overcome negative thoughts and live a life free of  suicide thoughts.




Stacey Lynnes


Ontario, Canada

I am a strong independent woman who is passionate about sharing my story of a live filled forced resiliency and the lessons learned along the way to becoming a lawyer at the age of 40.




Nisha Goyal

Entrepreneur, Speaker

Ontario, Canada

I am a Entrepreneur, Speaker and founder of Brave Childfree Women, a community that celebrates, supports and empowers middle-aged women who live outside the traditional feminine norms of motherhood and marraige.  I am passionate about health, wellness, spirituality and personal development and love to inspire others through my personal experiences.




Roberto Paez

Husband, Father, Relationship Coach

Ontario, Canada

I am here to co-create a world where the highest level of integrity is a global standard. Where we as people, leaders, and organizations in power always focus on adding value to our people and planet. I know what it's like to be hurt by the people in my life who I was supposed to trust. Who were supposed to lead me. I never want that to happen again to anyone. That's why I'm here.




Wilf Dinnick

Recovering Foreign Correspondent

Ontario, Canada

For more than 20 years, Wilf reported on the biggest stories, in the world’s most challenging spots, for some of the world’s largest news organisations including ABC News, CNN and Al Jazeera. Wilf has covered wars, natural disasters and conflicts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, every country in the Middle East, across Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and China.




Chris Ruden

Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Florida, USA

I am a full time keynote speaker born with a physical disability who focuses on helping people see their world without limits. From breaking records in powerlifting to modeling adaptive clothing for major brands to speaking on stages around the world, I wear many hats with the same mission—show people that quality of life truly is related to quality of thought.




Mindy Duff

Podcast Host, Speaker, Author, Coach

Iowa, USA

I'm the host of the podcast, "Up-Level Your Life with Mindy" as well as a speaker, certified holistic health and nutrition coach, and published author. My mission is to help individuals uncover their best selves so they can live an authentic and soul-led life. While I loves speaking and inspiring people, I loves her husband and three kids even more. We live in north central Iowa.




Who will be the Inspirational Speaker of the Year?

Our competition features 10 speakers going head to head and heart to heart, to deliver an inspirational speech around a theme, with a chance of winning prizes valued up to $10,000 and the opportunity to move on to the Grand Slam to compete against the best speakers of the year for the title of INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER OF THE YEAR!

Get your in-person or virtual ticket here to find out:

Our speakers have gone on to get paid speaking gigs, TEDx talks, book deals, press, documentaries, virality, create movements and events plus so much more! Best of all though, they go and inspire schools, charities, and corporations with their messages. They are at the ground level making systematic changes for the things they care about.

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