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Meet Your Speakers for the 2023 Grand Slam

Oct 10, 2023

Speaker Slam® is North America's Largest Inspirational Speaking Competition bringing together the most talented speakers, reputable professional judges, and hundreds of passionate attendees who thrive on personal development, community, and connection for the 2023 Grand Slam: The Inspirational Speaking Finals.

Join us for a night where dreams take flight on stage. Witness the year's most inspirational speakers vie for the title of Inspirational Speaker of the Year.

It’s more than a competition - it’s a life-changing experience.

🔥 This year's theme is JOY
📅 Date: November 18th, 6-10 pm EST
📍 Location: CBC Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto (🔗 Livestream tickets available!)

🌟 Highlights:

  • Inspiring speakers sharing soul-touching stories.
  • The electric thrill of competition.
  • Networking opportunities with changemakers.
  • Grand Slam trophy, $2K cash, & prizes up to $50K!

Be part of this unforgettable night that goes beyond speeches. Experience stories that inspire, connect, and transform. Are you ready?

Be Inspired. Be Transformed. Be There!



Adrian Leckie

Professional Speaker, Coach, Imani Program Team Lead (UTSC)

Ontario, Canada

I am passionate about empowering young people to break through barriers, achieve their career aspirations, and leave their mark as leaders in their communities. I am focused on researching and developing creative interventions, curriculums and programs for Black-Identifying Youth using the arts (Drama, Poetry and Spoken Word).

@adrianleckie @shadesofsixcess



Lasaunia Thompson

Abundance Coach & Inspirational Speaker

Ontario, Canada

I am Lasaunia "So" Thompson, a Washington, D.C. native and dedicated cosmetologist with over 3 decades of experience. My journey led to the creation of 'SoBeIt' Women's Organization, aimed at developing women for greatness. My own path, marked by health challenges, has inspired me to become an inspirational speaker and abundance coach, helping others overcome adversity and cultivate abundance through mindset shifts and self-compassion. My story offers hope and empowerment to those facing similar trials.




Karen Agro

Musician, Scientist, Pharmaceutical Consultant

Ontario, Canada

I help stressed and burned-out individuals and corporate teams, get relief in under 10 minutes, using music. With a childhood of intense musical training, I turned my back on it and became a healthcare professional. I woke up to the power of music when facing my own mortality and rekindled my love affair with it. I now combine music and health creating breakthroughs using the healing power of music.




Jay Kalryzian

Happy Father, Founder & CEO of The ZEN DAD Method, Speaker & Facilitator

Ontario, Canada

I'm Jay Zen Kalryzian, the founder and CEO of The ZEN DAD Method. Being a happy, intentional father is my life's purpose. As a passionate breathwork facilitator and speaker, I'm fully immersed in the world of parenting, and I cherish every moment. I strive to share my joy and laughter with others wherever I go, creating a positive impact on families and helping fellow dads navigate this incredible journey with mindfulness and intentionality.




Stacey Lynnes

Lawyer and Inspirational Speaker

Ontario, Canada

I am someone who is passionate about sharing my experiences in life with the hope that what I have learned along the way will inspire others to step into their power and live their lives to the fullest.




Lydia Knorr

Speaker, Coach, Author

Ontario, Canada

With a combined professional background and personal passion for health and communications, I help people create personal agency for themselves by offering them strategies to navigate their most pivotal life moments and find meaning in those experiences. Through my speaking, coaching and workshops, I inspire individuals and groups to discover and align with their truest selves so they can experience life in a confident, nourishing and fulfilling way!




Claudia Chan

Life Coach

Ontario, Canada

After working with me as a life coach, Asian women finally get to choose themselves. They become more courageous to find the clarity in their hearts, do what brings them joy, and live a fulfilling life free of other people’s judgement. I believe that if everyone can live the life they love, this world would be so much better!



Lindsy Matthews

Certified Master Life Coach, Fitness Entrepreneur, Blog Author

Ontario, Canada

I am a wife & mother navigating life with autoimmune disease and stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. My purpose is to help others overcome their own health obstacles with a positive mindset and resilience. My passion is living a playful life full of fun and adventure - big and small. Never underestimating the power of humour! I also strongly believe in the power of the mind-body connection achieved through an active life and meditation.




Roberto Paez

The #1 Men’s Transformation Coach

Ontario, Canada

I am here to co-create a world where the highest level of integrity is a global standard. Where we as people, leaders, and organizations in power always focus on adding value to our people and planet. I know what it's like to be hurt by the people in my life who I was supposed to trust. Who were supposed to lead me. I never want that to happen again to anyone. That's why I'm here.




Martin Lespérance

Speaker, Motivator, Engagement Expert

Ontario, Canada

My objective is to INSPIRE people to take action so that, together, we can live in a better world. I've spent his entire career in the field of coaching and training. I've worked as an artistic gymnastics coach, Canadian Armed Forces Reserve soldier, science high-school teacher, advisor for the Quebec Government, national trainer at Bayer, national director of training and development at Essilor Canada, and am certified in performance coaching with LMI.



Anu Tähemaa

TEDx Speaker, Presentation & Public Speaking Expert, Team Building Trainer

Tallinn, Estonia

I am a Corporate Maestro, inspiring leaders to curate a harmonious work environment and foster collaborative company culture through the arts. I value time, effective communication and leadership.




Samantha Plavins

Entrepreneur and Adventurer

Ontario, Canada

Hi, I'm Sam! Gen X mom, wife, writer and adventurer from Thunder Bay, Ontario. In 2019, I walked 800 kilometers across Northern Spain to sort out my shit; turns out that career in finance was killing me! So I decided to walk a new path, launching She Walks The Walk to help women lead more authentic, inspired lives. I want you off society’s rigid treadmill, or at the very least to question it.




Chris Ruden

Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Florida, USA

I am a full-time keynote speaker born with a physical disability who focuses on helping people see their world without limits. From Breaking records in powerlifting to modeling adaptive clothing for major brands to speaking on stages around the world, I wear many hats with the same mission—show people that quality of life truly is related to quality of thought.




Lauren Pires

Invisible Disability Ambassador, PR & Media Lead

Ontario, Canada

Hi, I'm Lauren Pires! I'm an invisible disability ambassador and PR & Media Lead for a nonprofit arts organization. Born with a rare neuromuscular disorder, I have about 33% strength of the average person, but I'm known for my enthusiasm, yay-saying and 100% spirit. I've been featured on and CityNews Toronto, and I'm first-ever Canadian to receive the "But You LOOK Good" Inspiration Award from the Invisible Disabilities Association.




We invite you to be a part of a heart-centered and mission-driven community that is all about spreading joy and inspiration. Picture the best 14 speakers of the year returning for an epic showdown of inspiration & heart, all competing for the prestigious title of "Inspirational Speaker of the Year" and a grand prize package worth up to $50,000!

End 2023 on a euphoric note and march into 2024 with renewed vigor and inspiration.

Get your tickets now and be a part of an event that aims to change the world, one speech at a time.

Who will be the Inspirational Speaker of the Year?

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