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Speaker Slam® Announces Lineup of Inspiring Speakers for "Reinvention" Theme to Kick Off Its 8th Year

Dec 24, 2023

   Toronto, ON — Speaker Slam®, renowned for its transformative and empowering events, is thrilled to unveil the lineup of inspirational speakers who will take the stage to share their stories of "Reinvention." This event, scheduled for January 30th, 2024, in Toronto at Lula Lounge, marks the beginning of Speaker Slam's 8th year of inspiring individuals to share their stories and inspire positive change.

   "Reinvention" is about recognizing the power within each of us to change, grow, and become our true selves. The selected speakers have embarked on personal journeys, faced life's challenges, and emerged with renewed purpose and identity. Their stories are poised to inspire attendees to tap into their inner strength, overcome fear and self-doubt, and advocate for their dreams.

  The event will feature the following remarkable speakers:



Meredith Roberts

Entrepreneur, Communication Expert, Intimacy and Communication Coach

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

 I am a conquerer of lifelong mental health, trust, and love resistances and an advocate for healing myself and others from the weights and traumas of the past. After making significant changes over the years, I have finally settled into my true calling; intimacy and communication coaching. I am passionate about the power of trusting and honest connection with oneself, and in relationships. I am passionate, honest, and loving, with a side of humor.

  Participating in Speaker Slam is an honor for which I am both humbled and grateful. To be able to share my voice, my journey, and my experiences in a competition of this magnitude is truly a dream come true and I look forward to inspiring others from the stage, alongside my fellow competitors!




Aseel El-Baba

Financial Therapist

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

 Aseel is an award-winning high-net-worth financial planner-turned-therapist specializing in the unique modality of financial therapy. Aseel has over a decade in financial wellness education and experiential learning. Her passions led to the creation of this unique program designed to create financial healing and address the economic trauma that we ALL experience in our modern world. She is on a global mission to empower humanity to redefine their relationship with money and improve economic outcomes for future generations. As a dedicated mother and passionate business leader, Aseel is a breath of fresh air in the financial wellness space, offering safe, inclusive, and empowering environments for their community to heal, grow, and transform.

 Speaker Slam is an incredible and warm community that always leaves me energized.




Samantha Kris

Acclaimed Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Reinvention Guide

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

 Who am I? I've asked myself that question a lot over the last year. I used to define myself by my relationships; a sister, daughter, and community mobilizer. Then I defined myself by my work; acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, reinvention guide. Now, I feel best defined by my values; I approach people and things with curiosity, I am committed to creating safe spaces, and I value freedom in all forms. I suppose I am discovering who I am in real-time. Aren't we all?

  I've been a long-time fan of Speaker Slam and have turned to them for motivation many times over the years. Being selected to share my story on their platform is a dream come true!




Robb Gilbear

Entrepreneur, Coach, Author

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

   My journey hasn't been your typical one. I started my first business as a teenager, toured from coast to coast as a DJ, and spent half a decade as a People & Culture leader in award-winning tech companies before launching Growth Habit. Since 2019, I've helped over 250 entrepreneurs in 13 countries grow their businesses and their impact. I'm a proud papa to two teenagers, love to dance, and have an addiction to funky socks.

  I unexpectedly ended up on stage at a Speaker Slam event last year and it unlocked something in me. Sharing personal stories allows others to know they're not alone in what they're facing or feeling. There's nothing like the atmosphere, community, and magic of Speaker Slam. I'm excited to be chosen to officially compete at Reinvention.

   @robbgilbear - Linkedin




Lori McDowell

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Instructor, Coach, PhD Chemical Engineer

Humble, Texas, United States

   Lori McDowell is CEO of Reimagine U Strategies and a strategic partner with Schooley Mitchell. Lori is passionate about bringing more joy to the world. Her motto is “Life is meant to be lived one crazy adventure at a time” and she embodies this in everything she does. Lori helps individuals get past roadblocks and find fulfillment in their careers and lives. She is the author of the highly anticipated book, The Reinvention Mindset.

   When I saw that one of the Speaker Slam topics was Reinvention, I thought it was serendipity, since I had just written a book called "The Reinvention Mindset." I am honored to have the opportunity to participate and am excited about the event.





Nubbia Quezada

Spiritual Mentor, Mindset Coach, Speaker

London, Ontario, Canada

   In the wake of losing my brother to the grips of mental illness, a profound spiritual awakening unfolded, reshaping the trajectory of my life. This journey unveiled the limitless possibilities we hold in crafting our existence and the profound interconnectedness we share—both in the physical and spiritual realms. Today, I guide others to explore their higher selves, forge connections with departed loved ones in spirit, and discover peace and gratitude in their present moments. My purpose extends beyond the individual, aiming to contribute to the collective shift in divine consciousness by guiding people back to the true essence of their being. Rooted in this mission are my three beautiful children, a supportive, loving husband, alongside two whippets who add joy to my journey. Living a holistic lifestyle, I prioritize nourishing my body with the fuel it deserves, recognizing the intricate balance between mind, body, and spirit. Physical fitness is not just a routine but a grateful acknowledgment of the strength I build mentally, spiritually, and physically. In essence, my life is dedicated to facilitating awakening, fostering connections, and contributing to the collective journey toward a more enlightened and connected world.

   Being selected to speak at Speakers Slam on January 30th, 2024, is incredibly special to me! The opportunity to share my spiritual awakening gives me so much joy, peace, and fulfillment, knowing that others don’t need to feel alone in their healing journey.




Kay Layne

Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Automotive Journalist

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

   I am the Founder of Kayambi Training, a personal development and business consulting company. As a seasoned management and leadership consultant, keynote speaker, and trainer, my central mission is to help people gain clarity and flourish. Woven throughout my work is Equity and Anti-oppression frameworks that empower individuals and society as a whole by fostering compassion, empathy, and understanding. Additionally, I am an automotive journalist. You might catch some of my work floating around in newspapers, websites, and even on a few television shows. I love all things with engines and enjoy sharing that passion with the world. Before all of this, I spent a decade in the dynamic fields of radio and television. I wore such hats as Reporter, Host, and Producer for renowned platforms such as 680 News, Sun TV, CTV, Business News Network, and Rogers Television.

   I am thrilled to be part of Speaker Slam, an incredibly prestigious event that values authentic voices and diverse perspectives. Stepping onto this stage allows me to push beyond my comfort zone and hopefully positively touch someone's life.




Catherine Lash

Workshop Guide, Speaker, Writer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

   I am someone who gently guides people to live their best life through the lens of their purpose.

   Creating and delivering an inspiring personal story on the theme of reinvention with the five-minute time constraints is an amazing opportunity to express my creativity and courage.




Calissa Ngozi

Mental Health Speaker, Child & Youth Care Professor, Resilience Mentor

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

   Calissa Ngozi stands out in the mental health and social services fields, with over 20 years of dedicated service. A Centennial College alumna and a respected professor at Mohawk College, her expertise spans from hospitals to out-of-home placements to school settings and beyond. In her 13-year tenure at Bartimaeus Inc., she has excelled in building community partnerships, service coordination, and fostering impactful therapeutic relationships. More than her impressive career, Calissa is a visionary in mental health advocacy, participating in conferences and serving on influential boards like the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care. Her story is not just about a career - it’s about shaping the future of mental health care.

My journey with Speaker Slam is to help me propel my voice in advocacy of changes in our mental health structure. To allow open and honest conversations about each person's mental health. At the same time, offering strategies of empowerment during personal processes.




Christine Sky

Entrepreneur, Health & Wellness Educator, Spiritual Coach

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

I have been a multifaceted entrepreneur in the field of health and wellness since 2007. As a business owner, successful program creator, Holistic Nutritionist, yoga instructor, and spiritual coach, I am passionate about assisting others on their journey to their most authentic and vibrant life. I believe that the realization and expression of one’s innate potential and unique spark is what brings my clients and newfound sense of freedom and joy in their lives. I was one of the fastest-growing leaders in Canada in my health and wellness company, helping positively impact thousands of lives. I went on to open my yoga studio, with a focus on helping people tap into their unique energy. Underlying my accomplishments and passions, I am a mother of two and trauma survivor who now stands empowered, wishing to help others give themselves the same permission.

   Taking the stage at Speaker Slam means that I get to be a voice of inspiration on a vulnerable and sensitive topic. I hope that my speech will encourage others to embody their most expansive and authentic expressions.




These speakers come from diverse backgrounds, each with a unique story of reinvention and growth. The event offers more than just inspirational journeys; it's a chance to connect with a community focused on self-discovery. Their stories will empower you to take action, whether it's pursuing a new path, healing from past experiences, or finding the courage to be authentic. These speakers infuse humor and relatability into their talks, promising an engaging experience.

  Speaker Slam events are designed for personal growth. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of yourself and a renewed sense of purpose, ready to start your journey of reinvention.

This isn't just an evening of speeches; it's a transformative experience that leaves you motivated, empowered, and ready to embrace positive change in your life. Join a community dedicated to personal growth and inspiring others. 


   Event Details:

  • Date: January 30th, 2024
  • Location: Lula Lounge, Toronto, Canada
  • Tickets: Available on Eventbrite
  • Accessibility: Livestream tickets available; wheelchair-accessible venue

            Speaker Slam® is excited to kick off its 8th year of empowering individuals to share their life stories and inspire positive change. Many careers have been launched from the Speaker Slam stage, and the impact of the event has reverberated globally.


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