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Recap of Love Lessons: Congratulations to our first-ever Nigerian champion, Benjamin Fuerte Wayo.

Feb 17, 2021

Oh What a Night!

Let’s hear it for the men! They showed up in full force last night and wowed the room with their heartfelt, vulnerable Love Lessons. Their speeches were moving and inspiring and they left it all on the stage! Congratulations to our first-ever Nigerian champion, Benjamin Fuerte Wayo. This was one of the highest scored speeches in the history of Speaker Slam and the message was incredibly powerful as we head into International Women’s Day! Donovan Hall came second with his beautiful tribute to his father, and Martin Parker was an incredibly close third with his raw, vulnerable share about the importance of saying I love you. Congratulations to Danielle Caesar for rounding out the top four. We are incredibly proud of you and you have really arrived with 2 top ten finishes in the last two competitions!

We had some of the best feedback we’ve ever had at Speaker Slam as well. So a giant thank you to Stephen de Wit, Brian J Olds, Annie Lalla and Lori Pelzer. I was getting messages all night about how invaluable the feedback was. We are so grateful that you showed up with your heart, your energy and your professionalism. The winners will really benefit from your generous prizes.

Last night we had our first event on Hopin and we elevated our production. I loved watching our community network and connect. The messages pouring in all night in the chat were so loving and supportive! We are by far the most loving and caring competition anywhere! A place where your competitor is also your biggest fan and cheerleader? Who could ask for anything more?

We have so many amazing things coming up for Speaker Slam in the next few months. In March, we will have our Amplifying Women’s Voices event as well as Youth Slam for youth 17 and under. Our next online competition on the theme of Self-Acceptance will be taking place in April and our next on-stage event in Toronto is in the works for Body Beautiful. And as always, we are dedicated to creating a foundation for Inspirational Speakers with our Emerging Speakers Membership.

If it’s your time to be seen and heard, head over to our new website and check out all of the exciting opportunities.