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Why You Should Be Competing In Every Speaking Competition?

Mar 20, 2021

Over the last 5 years I’ve seen hundreds of people confront their desires and fears around competition.  For many people competition means an opportunity to be recognized for their speaking and storytelling skills.  For other people it’s validation.  They wonder, am I really good enough?  Am I as good as I think I am? Am I better than my peers? And of course, there is always the enticement of cash and prizes especially when those prizes are invaluable connections to industry experts.

But the other side of that desire to compete can be connected to fear, apprehension and self-doubt.  What happens when you put your heart and soul into something and you don’t win, or even worse, perform badly?  Not only have you let yourself down but you’ve done it in front of a packed house.  The pressure of that can be overwhelming.  What if you make your living as a speaker or a professional presenter and you don’t do well in the competition - how will that affect your reputation?

The truth is, there is no greater privilege for you as a speaker, than having the opportunity to share your message with the world.  It’s the highest honour and it’s your chance to make real impact. Competing at Speaker Slam is a chance to challenge yourself and to move past the fears and insecurities and step into the light.  Beyond winning or losing your true gift is having your message heard, so make it meaningful.  We are blessed to have amazing connections to many online platforms with huge audiences.  We have been committed to having our speakers seen and heard around the world and now have over 400 million views on our videos.

We run monthly competitions with different themes.  This your opportunity to be seen and heard.  This is your chance to challenge yourself and stand for something.  If you have been sitting on the fence, now is the time. You will never regret sharing your truth with the world.