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Speaker Slam: The Speaker Development Agency Chapter Begins

Apr 01, 2022

So much has been happening behind the scenes of Speaker Slam® with me and Rina. Last year was the closing of what we had built for the last 5 years, so we can usher in a new era for us with a new direction. #Rebirth

I'm excited to announce our evolution as a company. We no longer just identify as a speaking competition. We do so much more behind the scenes for our speakers and it never got articulated the way we saw ourselves.

Until now!

We are officially a Speaker Development Agency!

We help mission-driven, heart-centered Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Entrepreneurs create and build a unique personal brand with speaking and video.
▶ We offer powerful training programs for both Emerging and Momentum Speakers.
▶ We specialize in Video Marketing and Speaker Reels.
▶ We run North America's largest Inspirational Speaking Competition.
▶ We create Conferences and Events that provide a platform for Speakers to make an impact with their voice.

A whole rebrand has been taking place and I couldn't be prouder. I'm excited about our future.