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Speaker Slam® Announces Speaker Lineup for the 3rd Competition of the 2024 Season on the theme "Freedom"

Apr 16, 2024

Toronto, Ontario – Speaker Slam®, North America's largest inspirational speaking competition, invites you to an evening of powerful storytelling and profound insights on May 28th, 2024, at Toronto's iconic Lula Lounge. This event, themed "Freedom" will feature 10 courageous speakers who will share their journeys toward personal freedom and authenticity.

At Speaker Slam, freedom is explored not just as a concept but as a transformative experience that involves being true to oneself, breaking away from societal norms, and overcoming personal fears. The evening promises to be an unforgettable exploration of self-discovery and true personal expression.


Meet Your Freedom Speakers: 



Lauren Helmkay

Joyful Wellness Cheerleader

Georgina, Ontario, Canada


Lauren is the owner of Lauren Helmkay Wellness, a practice devoted to empowering women to lead vibrant lives through the joy of food, movement, and the creative expression of conscious choice.



Julia Guz

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mystic

Aurora, Ontario, Canada

Julia is a dynamic entrepreneur navigating two unique realms: Web3 technology and Spirituality. In the fast-paced world of startups, she serves as a driving force, reshaping the financial landscape through her expertise in crypto and blockchain, and educating others about the power of Web3 technology. Simultaneously, Julia embodies profound spiritual wisdom, guiding others on a transformative journey to awaken their inner power and overcome energetic, emotional, and physical blocks.

Coming from a lineage of healers, Julia is a certified Reiki-Shakti practitioner and sound & energy healer, tapping into profound source wisdom to help facilitate transformative healing and liberation for her clients. At the core of both these seemingly disparate worlds lies a common thread: empowerment. Whether empowering individuals through technological innovation and financial independence or facilitating spiritual growth and self-discovery, Julia is on a mission to use her voice to foster personal and collective empowerment worldwide.

True freedom starts from freeing ourselves from all that holds us back, so we can finally stand tall, step into the light, and awaken our power within. It's time to unleash your inner dragon! #UnleashYourInnerDragon




Tyler Hall

Business Coach & Podcaster

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Tyler Hall is a business coach, branding specialist & mindset extraordinaire. He’s the founder of Live Bigger Coaching & the co-host of the Come As You Are podcast. He’s on a mission to help coaches build big businesses & even bigger beliefs in themselves. His coaching style is a divine fusion, blending together the powerful energy of masculine ‘doing’ side of coaching with the nurturing feminine ‘being’ side of spiritual coaching. When combined these two energies strike the perfect balance between action and alignment. When he's not coaching you can find Tyler working on his first book “Oh The Places I Actually Went: Or What Dr. Seuss Didn’t Teach Me About Adulting”

To say I'm excited to be speaking at Speaker Slam would be an understatement. I am beyond ecstatic to be taking the stage in May to talk about a topic I'm deeply passionate about - Freedom. Freedom is a birthright that I believe everyone deserves to experience & I can't wait to share my take on Freedom in May!




Susanna Smith

JSCS Certified Life and Leadership Development Coach, Trauma Thriver, Competitive Ballroom Dancer

Wilmington, Delaware, USA

I am a JSCS-certified life and leadership development coach who impacts lives by helping people move past the pain and trauma of the past into the happy and peaceful life they long for.

My whole life has been preparing me for the next 5 minutes.




Laura Boone

Strategic Change Coach

Chandler, Arizona, USA


Laura Boone is a strategic change coach focused on sharing the best of heart-centered, brain-based change navigation with leaders looking to achieve greater balance in their lives, navigate change, and live their best lives today. She uses 20+ years of experience in business, life, relationships, neuroscience and change to effectively coach professionals in strategies designed to empower them to step into their best lives. Her strategic and heart-centered approach helps every person she works with feel supported, connected, resourced, and empowered to choose the life they live, to decide for their dreams, and to know how to identify, apply, and source the tools and resources needed to achieve any goal.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Speaker Slam experience! The motivation, support, connection, and guidance are helping me take my speaking from a passionate side gig to a career of focus and value. Thanks, Speaker Slam, for the opportunity to grow my skills and expand my ability to serve others!




Jessica West

Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Coach

Timmins, Ontario, Canada

Jessica is a Podcaster, Mindset Coach, Speaker, and the Founder of Trésor House. Her journey into entrepreneurship was ignited by a life-altering event - an awakening prompted by a near-death experience following a serious car accident. This pivotal moment revealed to Jessica the creative power her thoughts hold in shaping her subjective reality, propelling her towards a path of self-discovery. Certified in various healing modalities, including Mindset Coaching, Reiki, NLP, EFT, and Hypnosis, Jessica speaks the language of the subconscious mind and is dedicated to guiding individuals as they rewrite limiting internal narratives and create the life and impact they desire. At the core of Jessica's mission is the belief that true empowerment emanates from within. As the host of the influential podcast, Empower from Within, and an Amazon Best Selling Author of Manifesting with Purpose, she shares her wisdom and insights, serving as a guiding light for those grappling with self-doubt and low self-esteem. Jessica's journey embodies resilience and determination and conveys the transformative power of mindset shifts and inner work practices.

Everyone’s got a story of adversity and hardship. When we overcome it, recognize the lessons, appreciate the learnings, and turn it into an inspiring story to help uplift others, we welcome the opportunity for even deeper personal transformation and empowerment. To me, this is the opportunity Speaker Slam offers.



Alana Moor

Inspirational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Adversity Coach

Coquitlam, Britsh Columbia, Canada

Alana Moor's life took a drastic turn in 2015 with an 81-month sentence in a Panamanian prison for drug trafficking. In those 4.5 years, she discovered resilience through self-discipline and self-coaching. Upon release, she founded a foundation aiding incarcerated women and became a certified adversity life coach. Alana shares her journey to inspire resilience and joy while facing adversity, speaking as an inspirational figure on stages worldwide.

Speaker Slam is allowing me to begin pursuing my souls purpose and passion, speaking.




Leisse Wilcox

Speaker, Author, Leadership Consultant

Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Leisse Wilcox helps leaders and teams get out of their own way to get results. An Emotional Intelligence Expert with a specialized focus on change management and values-based leadership, she helps you navigate chaos and change while building workplaces that people love to be in. Trusted by brands like Yahoo! Finance, Telus, Aviva, NPR, CBC, Entrepreneur, and Financial Times, Leisse is known as “the Marie Kondo of your Unconscious.” As an engaging and dynamic speaker, international performance coach, cancer survivor, and twice-bestselling author, she has a 100% proven track record of success coaching the entire C suite and high-achieving entrepreneurs since 2015. Combining results-focused strategies with invaluable communication tools, she helps dismantle the blindspots and conquer the roadblocks in each of the cornerstone pillars of your world, that hold you back from peak performance. Leisse is the EI Expert you want in your corner to shake up old approaches to workplace efficiency by putting people first - using practical and results-focused strategies for improving communication, emotional fortitude, and resilience. When she’s not lighting up the stage, the page, or the internet, you can find her listening to Taylor Swift with her three tween daughters, road-tripping for tacos with her husband, or on the couch watching HBO with her dog.

Sharing my story on stage is my dream coming true; I am giddy at the chance to be a part of Speaker Slam.




Darren McKoy

Self Discovery and Purpose Navigator

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Darren is a leader, Purpose Coach, and Inspirational speaker on the top of purpose. Darren struggled through various jobs trying to provide for his family but felt unfulfilled and frustrated. He felt there was more to his life but he didn't know what to do or how to do it. After a chance encounter with a network marketing company, he was inspired by people on stage and their positive impact on the audience. He realized that he wanted to be that person and positively impact people's lives. However, fear and practicality held him back and he settled for a job with benefits but no fulfillment. One day he saw a co-worker getting away with doing the same job for the same pay without putting in the effort. He had enough he realized that he was meant for more than just going through the motions. He began reading books on purpose and on personal development and took a leap of faith, posting messages about purpose online as people began telling him how inspired they were by his messages, he realized that he was finally living his purpose. Darren's purpose is to help other men not find but discover the purpose in their lives so they can live their lives with meaning and fulfillment and add a contribution to the world.

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.” - Winston S. Churchill




Fionne Cheng

Transformational Thought Leader, Solitude Coach, Human Connector

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Fionne Cheng was born in Hong Kong and raised in a traditional Chinese immigrant household. Growing up, she struggled between the Eastern collectivist culture and Western independent self-sufficient identity and had a lot of interpersonal conflict. This led her done a long path of loneliness as she struggled with self-love and relationships with others, often keeping everyone at an arms length away. As a result of desperation, she has been on a self-improvement journey for the past 12 years, with a heavy focus on healing attachment trauma and building intimate, authentic relationships with others. She works as an HR professional and aspires to educate others on the effects of loneliness and the importance of compassion and kindness during one's self-improvement journey.

If you consistently work on doing things outside of your comfort zone, you eventually realize you can do just about anything you really put your mind to! 




Join us as we celebrate the power of freedom and the courage to be authentically you. Don’t miss this chance to be part of an evening that promises not only to inspire but to ignite a personal revolution in how we live and lead in truth.

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