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Revealing the Top 10 for the 2024 Brand Builder Competition

Apr 22, 2024

The Brand Builder Competition is a celebration of unique brand identities and stories that captivate audiences. In this virtual competition, speakers showcase the heart and soul of their brands through creative Positioning Graphics, blending imagery, colors, and expertise to stand out.

Competitors faced the challenge of crafting standout Positioning Graphics that embody their brand's essence. They shared their brand journey during Inspiration Week, gathering support from April 15th to the 19th. Five speakers were chosen by the Speaker Slam Team, while five were selected through votes.

Now, let's meet our top 10 speakers who will pitch their brands live on April 27th for a chance to win prizes worth up to $10,000!


Meet the Top 10 for the Brand Builder Competition Showcase:



Teresa Ryce

Women's Health Coach, Certified Metabolic Balance Coach, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Teresa Ryce, a Women’s Health Coach with over 8 years of experience, is also a Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert specializing in sustainable lifestyle and nutrition solutions for women. She is passionately dedicated to guiding women through transformative health journeys via her coaching program, Reset & Restore. This program is celebrated for its effective approach to achieving lasting health changes through personalized nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

Teresa’s coaching method emphasizes the importance of real food and practical lifestyle adjustments inspired by her own significant health transformation. Her expertise in creating tailored plans helps clients move beyond temporary diets to embrace long-term wellness.

Continuously developing her expertise and expanding her influence, Teresa makes a profound impact on the health and well-being of the women she coaches, establishing herself as a trusted leader in women's health.




Ebi Oginni

Coach, Singer, Doctor

Derby, United Kingdom

Meet Ebi Oginni, a pediatrician turned inspirational speaker with a unique twist—she combines powerful speeches with heartfelt music to bring healing to her listeners and inspiring them to greatness. She's a chart-topping contemporary gospel artist in the UK and the charismatic host of the Fulfilled Musicpreneur Podcast, which regularly breaks into the top 15 in its category. Beyond her individual accomplishments, Ebi is deeply committed to collective well-being.

She's currently spearheading a mental health project aimed at arming young people and their families with essential coping skills. She coaches other artists to step out confidently into their art, helping them run profitable yet impactful businesses. With her unique blend of joy, perseverance, and faith, Ebi Oginni is not just a speaker; she's a transformational experience waiting to happen!




Lauren Helmkay

Joyful Wellness Cheerleader

Keswick, Ontario, Canada

Lauren is the owner of Lauren Helmkay Wellness, a practice devoted to empowering women to lead vibrant lives through the joy of food, movement, and the creative expression of conscious choice.




Val Vee

Serial Entrepreneur, Empowerment Advocate, Networking Coach

Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Meet Val Vee, the epitome of a modern-day boss woman. With a magnetic blend of fearlessness and compassion, she's not just breaking barriers—she's redefining what it means to be a badass in business. As a serial entrepreneur & visionary founder, Val Vee has carved out her own path in the world of entrepreneurship. Her journey is a testament to resilience, grit, & unwavering determination.
But beyond her remarkable achievements lies her true passion: empowering women to tap into their inner badassery & reclaim their power. Through her platform, Ladies Who Dine, she offers a unique blend of inspiration, education, & mentorship, helping women everywhere to rise up, stand tall, & own their greatness. With her infectious energy & no-nonsense approach, Val Vee is a force to be reckoned with in the world of empowerment. Her message is clear: it's time for women to step into their power, own their worth, & unleash their full potential.

@thevalvee @ladies.who.dine 



Karen Porter

Health & Happiness Fire Starter, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Speaker, Author, Coach

Pickering, Ontario, Canada

For three decades Karen battled severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as debilitating bouts of anxiety and suicidal depression that left her hospitalized and grasping for life. Forced to re-evaluate everything and take her health into her own hands, she began looking into alternative methods to help her heal where the traditional medical approach had failed. She learned tools to transform her body and brain, to feel healthy, happy, focused, and vibrant! Her health, and consequently her life, entirely shifted and she felt compelled to help as many women as possible over 50 to feel their absolute best! She knew that too many women were struggling at this age with all of the changes characteristic at that time. As a Health & Happiness Fire Starter she simplifies exactly how to do this!

Karen has been featured on podcasts, stages and on TV, including Breakfast Television, Global TV, CP24 and Rogers TV.




Lucia Gouveia

Founder & Business Strategist

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Empowering Coaches To Soar To New Heights By Transforming Their Passion Into A Thriving Business.




Steve Furtado

Chief Dot Connector

Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada

Meet Steve Furtado, an individual who embodies resilience with the pursuit of personal growth. As a small business entrepreneur, Steve has harnessed his passion and creativity to establish successful ventures in a competitive market. Steve is a devoted single dad to two children. His role as a father is a cornerstone of his life, and he provides unwavering love, guidance, and support to his kids while juggling the challenges of the rest of running a small business.

Steve's calling is as a Certified Elite Mentorship Trainer. He empowers individuals to navigate personal challenges, redefine their life's purpose, and attain fulfillment. Steve's coaching style is rooted in his own transformative journey, offering invaluable insights and support to clients seeking
change. Steve Furtado's narrative represents the harmonious fusion of small business success, dedicated single parenting, and a sincere commitment to guiding others toward personal growth and life transformation.





Carlyn Morris

Outdoor Adventurer & Solution Scout

Michigan, USA

Carlyn is reinventing how leaders and teams approach creative thinking and problem-solving. By leading these teams through her 6-step process she encourages everyone to reconnect with nature to unleash their full potential. Get ready to get Back To Wild.





Calissa Ngozi

Mental Health Youth Speaker, Resilience Mentor, Professor

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Calissa Ngozi has had a remarkable career. It has spanned over two decades, with a diverse background in mental health, hospital care, education, private practice and acquired brain injury rehabilitation. In addition to her exemplary work in the field, Calissa Ngozi is a Professor at Mohawk College, where she imparts her wealth of knowledge and expertise to aspiring professionals in multiple departments.

Calissa's impact extends beyond academia and professional settings. She is an award winning Inspirational speaker and a former board of director with the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care. Additionally, she is a Resilience Mentor for youth struggling with mental health challenges and life transitions, providing invaluable support and guidance to empower young individuals to overcome adversity.




Sara 'Boz' Boswick

Empowerment Influencer, Confidence Coach, Model

Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Sara Boswick, a.k.a. Boz The Bold,  is a Body Acceptance Advocate, Plus Size Model, and Content Creator who uses her online platform to increase the representation of marginalized bodies.

Equipped with a Psychology degree,  a passion driven by experience, and the belief that healing negative body image is a mental health priority, Boz is launching her own set of programs to help people prioritize their personal perspective and make peace with their bodies.




Join us on April 27th, 2024, at 11 am EST, for the Brand Builder Competition at Speaker Slam! This virtual event offers valuable insights into branding, expertise, and vision, inspiring your own brand journey. Register here!


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