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Meet Your Speakers for the Against All Odds Competition

Apr 04, 2023

Speaker Slam® is North America's Largest Inspirational Speaking Competition bringing together the most talented speakers, reputable professional judges, and hundreds of passionate attendees who thrive on personal development, community, and connection.

Join us on April 25th live in Toronto at Lula Lounge for the return of Speaker Slam®, where 10 inspiring speakers will take the stage to share their stories of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. The theme for this event is "Against All Odds" and it couldn't be more fitting for the times we live in.

Life is full of obstacles, but what sets apart those who succeed from those who don't is their ability to fight through the challenges and keep pursuing their dreams. Decide what makes you happy, and fight for it with all your might, even against all odds. With the world still recovering from the pandemic, this event will showcase the power of perseverance and the strength of the human spirit. Learn how you can harness that same strength within yourself.





Lorraine Jordan

Real Estate Powerhouse, Entrepreneur, Dream-Maker

My goal is to work with individuals & families to make educated decisions about real estate.  My most recent book, Freedom to Live Your Best Life, provides guidance on achieving financial freedom. Nominated multiple times; Business Woman of the Year, Tony Robbins Platinum member, Certified John Maxwell Leader, and a member of the coveted Gary Keller Top 200 Mastermind group. I am a mother to four amazing, young adults, Pierre, Alec, Adam, and Jenie.



Ryan Naccarato

Entrepreneur, Coach & Speaker

My name is Ryan Naccarato and I was voted the #1 personal trainer in the Hudson Valley region of New York. I'm a business owner, coach & entrepreneur that seeks to inspire people to reach their full potential. I combine my background as an educator and athlete to empower others to unleash their greatness. I’ll show you how to live a life of fulfillment, passion & purpose.  All you need to do is commit!




Faith Koltak

Authentic Alignment Master Coach, Spiritual Guide, Shamanic Healer

I am a trauma-conscious eNLP certified transformational master coach and Shamanic healer. I work with people who are ready to invest and commit to their healing. Through the employment of modalities with bases in quantum physics and quantum biology, in addition to other healing modalities, I empower others to find their own inner insight and Perfect Wisdom, so that they may step into their authenticity and magic.




Joyce Edem

Storyteller, Consultant Paralegal & Human Rights Practitioner, Translator.

I love storytelling to motivate, enhance mental well-being and inspire people to learn new skills be it for work, school, or for leisure. I draw on positive uplifting blend of folk tales and fun ideas that promote collaboration, teamwork, and grit for success. Together we explore tips on inclusive methods for better engagement. I work as a Consultant Multilingual expert, Paralegal, Human Rights, and community development practitioner in corporate and non-profit environments.




Diane Sorensen

Connected Relationships and Parenting Coach

I am an explorer on an internal adventure looking for my next inner discovery. Externally I am 59 years old. A mother, grandmother, stepmother, wife, sister, Life Coach, Spiritual seeker, and want to be a speaker.



Sandeep Aujla

Executive Coach, HR, and Leadership Expert

I'm an Organizational Psychology Practitioner who has led HR functions in large and medium organizations in the public and private sectors. I pride myself in living and leading from my values and creating inclusive work cultures where everyone can belong and thrive. I'm on a mission to guide CEOs when making high-stakes decisions to think comprehensively and create workplaces where people always come first.




Lindsy Matthews

Certified Master Life Coach Fitness Entrepreneur Blog Author

I am a wife & mother navigating life with autoimmune disease and stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. My purpose is to help others overcome their own health obstacles with a positive mindset and resilience. My passion is living a playful life full of fun and adventure - big and small. Never underestimating the power of humor! I also strongly believe in the power of the mind-body connection achieved through an active life and meditation.




Gunjan Anandjiwala

Real Estate Broker, Strategist, Relationship Builder

I specialize in creating a customized strategy for your real estate journey, always with your best interest at heart.




Samantha Plavins

Entrepreneur, Adventurer

Hi, I'm Sam! Gen X mom, wife, writer, and adventurer from Thunder Bay, Ontario. In 2019, I walked 800 kilometers across Northern Spain to sort out my shit; turns out that my career in finance was killing me! So I decided to walk a new path, launching She Walks The Walk to help women lead more authentic, inspired lives. I want you off society’s rigid treadmill, or at the very least to question it.




Tara Ellis

Speaker, Author, Coach, Consultant

Tenacious Tara is a Disability Empowerment strategist. Taking her lifetime of personal and professional experience she helps others to dream big and find creative ways to live their best lives.




And finally, featuring our special guest speaker... 

Words of Wisdom Speaker: Mike Shoreman

Entrepreneur, Activist, Speaker

Mike Shoreman was recently honored by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, the House of Commons, and the Prime Minister after making history as the first athlete with disabilities to cross all five Great Lakes in one of the largest individually led national mental health awareness campaigns.

Mike is a sought-after leadership and resilience speaker, moderator, and host. He is a guest columnist, film and t.v. producer, best-selling author, athlete, and award-winning activist.

Mike is the recipient of the Mental Health Leadership Award by the Mood Disorder Society of Canada (2022) and is a Speaker Slam winner (2019).




Who will be the Inspirational Speaker of the Year?

Our competition features 10 speakers going head to head and heart to heart, to deliver an inspirational speech around a theme, with a chance of winning prizes valued up to $10,000 and the opportunity to move on to the Grand Slam to compete against the best speakers of the year for the title of INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER OF THE YEAR!

Get your in-person or virtual ticket here to find out:

Our speakers have gone on to get paid speaking gigs, TEDx talks, book deals, press, documentaries, virality, create movements and events plus so much more! Best of all though, they go and inspire schools, charities, and corporations with their messages. They are at the ground level making systematic changes for the things they care about.

Do you have an inspiring story? Apply to compete on our stage: