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Speaker Slam® Unveils Judges for the Third Competition of the 2024 Year "Freedom"

Apr 22, 2024

Speaker Slam®, North America's largest inspirational speaking competition prepares for its 3rd competition of the year for its highly anticipated "Freedom" event, exciteme for May 28th, 2024, at the iconic Lula Lounge in Toronto, this event marks a significant chapter in Speaker Slam's mission to highlight the power of personal freedom and authenticity.

This year's "Freedom" theme is a timely exploration of what it means to live authentically and unapologetically. Participants from various walks of life will grace the stage to share their powerful narratives on overcoming personal fears, societal norms, and embracing their true selves, making this event a crucial platform for voices that uplift, inspire, and empower.

Meet Your Judges for "Freedom"

As we draw closer to the event date, we're honored to introduce an exceptional panel of judges who bring a wealth of expertise, insight, and passion to the Speaker Slam stage. 



Angie Seth

Anchor, Host, Storyteller

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Angie Seth has been a journalist for over 25 years. She started her career at Omni Television as an Anchor, Reporter, and producer. From there her career took her to the airwaves at CBC radio, then back to the television screens at Global and CTV covering the biggest stories to make headlines around the world. Angie has been honoured with a number of awards including the Edward Murrow Award and the Queens Diamond Jubliee award. She is a huge advocate for women’s and children’s rights as well as a voice for survivors of domestic abuse.  




Andrea Reindl

Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, Lover of Life

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Andrea is on a mission to simplify complicated jargon that overpromises and instead pave a path for people with big ideas and the teams that support them to be able to bring their visions to life. She does this by creating a plan, adding timelines and budgets, and making it real. She and her team at Legacy Creative love to take chaos and tame it into common-sense business practices that are end-user-focused and rich in quality experiences. In January 2023, Andrea launched a weekly YouTube show that shows how to brand and build businesses that make a positive impact.




Joze Piranian

5 times TEDx Speaker, International Keynote & Stand-up Comedian

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Joze Piranian is a lifelong stutterer turned Forbes and TED-featured International Keynote Speaker. Born and raised in Lebanon, Joze avoided speaking for more than 25 years out of fear of being judged for being different. Then, everything changed. He won the Inspirational Speaker of the Year at Speaker Slam in 2017, delivered 5 TEDx talks, and performed stand-up comedy on 3 continents and in 4 languages. Joze has since delivered hundreds of stand-up comedy and speaking engagements at the United Nations, Google, Tesla, Meta and TikTok. He has been featured on ABC, FOX, CBC, and Goalcast.




Esther Caszo

Content Producer & Series Producer for Broadcast and Digital

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Esther is a Content & Series Producer with global experience. Her forte lies in bringing stories to life for broadcast & digital audiences for 10+ Years. She is committed to elevating BIPOC and marginalized voices. Esther holds an Industry Filmmaking Diploma from Central Film School in London, UK, and has generated content for over 100 brands.




The judges have offered the following prizes:

First Place

Speaker Slam - $2000 Cash Prize

Speaker Slam - Invitation to the Grand Slam

Andrea Reindl - Visual Brand Blueprint @ Legacy Creative: Includes Personal Brand Logo, color palate, mood board, photography instructions & font treatment. (Valued at $7,500)

Joze Piranian - Access to the "Impact 2 Income" program, an 8-week coaching program teaching you the professional speaker roadmap (including how to land a TEDx talk! (Valued at $5000)

Angie Seth - Next Level Mentorship prize - 3 one one-on-one sessions with Angie Seth on how to improve your stage and on-air presence to enhance your authentic self. Sessions will be tailored to the winner’s needs based on their overall career goals. (Valued at $1000)

Esther Caszo - Media Training (2 media training sessions): These sessions will delve into effective strategies for getting your name out there, engaging with media outlets, and securing impactful coverage. (Valued at $1000)


Second Place

Speaker Slam - Invitation to the Grand Slam

Andrea Reindl - Get Clear Power Session (3 Pack) includes 3 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Andrea to get clear on your message, method, and model.  (Valued at $2,500)

Joze Piranian - A 60-minute 1:1 coaching session with Joze. (Valued at $500)

Esther Caszo - 1 media training session: This session will delve into effective strategies for getting your name out there, engaging with media outlets, and securing impactful coverage. (Valued at $500)  


Third Place

Speaker Slam - Entry to Wildcard Race

Andrea Reindl - Clear Session - Includes 1 - 60-minute clarity coaching session with Andrea Reindl. (Valued at $1,000)

Joze Piranian - A 30-minute 1:1 coaching session with Joze.  (Valued at $250)

Esther Caszo - 1 media training session: This session will delve into effective strategies for getting your name out there, engaging with media outlets, and securing impactful coverage. (Valued at $500)  



As we approach the event, the excitement only builds not just to hear from the speakers but to witness how these judges will influence and inspire the next wave of change-makers. Don't miss this chance to see greatness unfold on the stage of Speaker Slam's "Freedom" competition.

Join us for an evening that promises not only to inspire but to ignite a personal revolution in how we live and lead in truth.

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