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Marcos Mendosa returns to the Speaker Slam stage and wins again!

Aug 26, 2022

The first-ever Speaker Slam champion: Marcos Mendosa returns to the stage and wins again!

Nath, October 19th, 2016 is a night that is engraved into my soul. It was the first Speaker Slam ever and we had no idea how things would go down and unfold.

The shy immigrant kid from Pakistan now had a room full of 100 people watching. I was a host with no experience. I had the platform but not the courage to step into what was happening. #Itsaprocess

Then Marcos Mendosa took the stage and delivered the I Am speech. The shivers I felt hearing the speech for the first time are memorable. It was a moment I remember vividly because of the #impact this speech had on me. It set the seed that the path I was on was worth following.

I have listened to this speech aggressively over the last 6 years. It's a staple in my confidence journey. It is truly the perfect affirmation speech! [Link to watch the ORIGINAL 'I am' Speech]

To watch you return to the stage after a 6-year hiatus and crush again. #Shiversagain

I am incredibly proud of your journey. You're a rockstar.

We're so excited to release your speech with our Signature Legacy Video service that you won as a prize!

Let Marcos know what you think of his speech in the comment section on Youtube! [Link to watch the NEW 'Am I?' Speech]

- Dan Shaikh