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The top 10 winners from our Father's Online Speaking Competition

Recap of Father's: The Men Who Shaped Us Online Competition

Jun 23, 2021

Sometimes in a competition, there is one single moment that sums up why we do what we do and I had that moment last night. I was watching Donald Carr shine in all his glory.  This beautiful, brilliant wordsmith steeped in vulnerability, sharing a story that few would have the courage to share, it was a moment of reconfirmation - our Platform has a purpose!  It was humbling to bear witness to such testimony and we are incredibly proud of him.

Julianna Bootsman won 2nd place with one of the best written (and performed) speeches I’ve ever seen at Speaker Slam! Alma Tarelli - a brand new speaker to the competition won us over with her humble, heartwarming tribute to her Father.  I loved her message - ‘love doesn’t need words’.  

Congratulations to Ken Hall for rounding out the top 4 with his amazing tribute to his Dad.

So much love and respect for the Top 10, and the entire group of speakers who put their heart and soul into delivering incredibly inspiring speeches.  You should all be extremely proud.

Thank you to our judges - your professionalism, generosity and heart-centered energy made the night!

We love our community.  Thank you for continually supporting us and for showing up to these events.  The kindness in the chat is so incredible to see.

Our next competition is on the theme of Forgiveness. If you have a story to share - step up.  It’s your time to be seen and heard!