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Speaker Slam® Unveils Themes for 2024 Competitions - North America's Largest Inspirational Speaking Competition

Dec 02, 2023

Toronto, ON Speaker Slam®, North America's largest inspirational speaking competition, is thrilled to announce its lineup of inspirational themes for the year 2024. Now in its 8th year, Speaker Slam continues to empower individuals to share their stories and inspire positive change. 

The Road to the Grand Slam: Inspirational Speaking Finals

5 qualifier competitions will take place where 10 speakers, armed with powerful 5-minute speeches inspired by each theme, will compete live on stage in Toronto, Canada. The competition not only offers participants the chance to win a prize package valued at up to $10,000, including $2,000 in cash, but also the opportunity to advance to the prestigious Grand Slam: Inspirational Speaking Finals, scheduled for November. Here, they will vie for the coveted title of Inspirational Speaker of the Year.

 The 2024 Qualifier Competition Themes

  1. Reinvention on January 30th, 2024 - Kicking off the year, "Reinvention" invites speakers to inspire others with stories of transformation and new beginnings. It's about recognizing our capacity for change and seizing the opportunity to craft a new, vibrant path for ourselves and others. Speakers who have faced adversity, embraced change, and emerged with a renewed sense of purpose are encouraged to share their personal journeys of resilience, evolution, and rebirth.
  2. Human Connection on March 26th, 2024 - In March, the theme "Human Connection" takes center stage. This theme celebrates deep human connections and the ties that bind us together. Speakers who understand the essence of genuine relationships, cherish shared moments of laughter and tears, and realize the profound impact of every interaction are invited to share their stories. "Human Connection" is about recognizing the value of each shared moment, understanding the power of unity, and nurturing bonds that transcend distances.
  3. Freedom on May 28th, 2024 - As summer approaches, Speaker Slam explores the theme of "Freedom." This theme invites speakers who have broken free from constraints, whether internal or external, and have embarked on journeys toward living more authentic and free lives. "Freedom" is about embracing the courage to be oneself, living authentically and unapologetically, and breaking free from anything that holds one back.
  4. Perseverance on July 16th, 2024 - In July, the theme "Perseverance" takes the spotlight. This theme encourages speakers to inspire others with stories of resilience and unwavering determination. Those who have faced significant challenges, endured hardships, and emerged stronger through steadfast commitment to their goals are invited to share their journeys. "Perseverance" is about the relentless pursuit of a vision, unwavering resolve in the face of adversity, and the resilience to overcome every obstacle along the way.
  5. Power of Yes on September 17th, 2024 - The final qualifier theme is "Power of Yes" in September. Speakers are encouraged to inspire others with stories of embracing opportunities and transforming their lives. Those who have said 'yes' to new experiences, challenged themselves, and ignited paths of growth and joy are invited to share their personal journeys. "Power of Yes" is about the courage to embrace life's opportunities, take risks, and open oneself to the potential of new and vibrant experiences. The Grand Slam theme will be revealed at this event.

Wild Card Race: September 24th - 25th, 2024

Speaker Slam® introduces an exhilarating Wild Card Race from September 24th to the 25th, 2024. Four coveted spots at the Grand Slam are up for grabs, offering speakers who narrowly missed the mark a chance at redemption. Only 10-12 speakers from the year will be invited to partake in the Wild Card Race. Each person has one vote, so it's essential to rally behind your favorite speaker and make your vote count!

Grand Slam: Inspirational Speaking Finals on November 9th, 2024 

Following a thrilling year of competitions, the 14 best speakers of the year will return for the Grand Slam on November 9th, 2024 at the CBC Glenn Gould Studio. Here, they will go head to head and heart to heart for the title of Inspirational Speaker of the Year. The pinnacle event culminates Speaker Slam's annual journey and showcases the best speakers who have inspired and moved audiences throughout the year.

The Grand Slam trophy, $2000 cash, and a prize package valued at up to $50,000 await the winner. The Grand Slam is not just a competition; it's a celebration of inspiration, transformation, and the power of storytelling.

About Speaker Slam®

Speaker Slam® is North America's largest inspirational speaking competition, dedicated to empowering changemakers and thought leaders. They have a rich history of launching speaking careers, inspiring movements, and creating impactful change. Its platform provides individuals with an opportunity to share their life stories, inspire their communities, and become voices that spark change.

For those who wish to compete in Speaker Slam's 2024 competitions, application details can be found at [Application Link].

For media inquiries or additional information, please contact:

Dan Shaikh | [email protected] | Co-Founder & Publicist for Speaker Slam®