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Yvette Raposo



Are you preparing to speak on stage for the first time or want to uplevel your current stage presence to feel as confident as a well trained combat fighter?  

Well then Yvette's coaching style is just right for you! 

Yvette’s journey within the fitness, boxing and speaking industries has been as diverse and exciting as a boxing match itself.

As a Champion Combat Fighter, Award -Winning Speaker & Canada's First Female Professional Ring Announcer, Yvette's goal is to inspire other emerging speakers to develop their own personal stories that get paid, create impact and reach the right audiences.  Just recently, Yvette won the 2023 Women’s Empowerment Award under the Mentorship category ~ a great honor and well deserved recognition for her 25 years as an entrepreneur and coach.

Let Yvette help you take your speaking game and personal development journey to the next level and KNOCK YOUR MESSAGE OUT with power and confidence!



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