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Lindsy Matthews


Lindsy Matthews is a 2-time Award Winning Inspirational Speaker who is determined to help others live their full potential. Through the lens of someone living with a serious life threatening health condition, Lindsy knows what it takes to face fear, self doubt and pressure and come out on top with strength, resilience and a positive mindset. 

With over 17 years as a Health and Fitness Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer and Life Coach -  Lindsy has helped hundreds of people find their new 100% and she’ll empower and guide you to take the necessary steps to make your life goals and speaking aspirations become a reality. 

Lindsy demonstrates the power of sharing your story with authenticity, vulnerability and humor, and will give you the insight and confidence to not only change your life one speech at a time - but the countless lives of the people who get to hear you speak too!



Speaker Slam Videos: 

Defying the Odds: Living with Stage 4 Cancer | Lindsy Matthews (Winning Speech!)

Overcoming Adversity: Embracing Life with Metastatic Breast Cancer | Lindsy Matthews | Speaker Slam

Alana Moor

"Lindsy was the right person for me to work with while preparing for my speech. She had amazing insight and tips for me. She allowed me to be myself and gave me words of encouragement. She really helped me to break down my speech into the most important parts. I recommend Lindsy to anyone who is trying to define and perfect their speech while feeling supported during the process."