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Youth Online Competition for Social Media

This coming September we will be hosting YOUTH SPEAKER SLAM Online.

We will be following the same format as our signature online event. We will be showcasing young changemakers who will have the opportunity to deliver 4 minute inspirational speeches on the theme of SOCIAL MEDIA with a chance of winning prizes valued up to $2500.

Speaker Slam is North America's Premier Inspirational Speaking Competition where passionate speakers go heart to heart and share their soul on stage for a chance to win an amazing prize package, and the opportunity to transform the entire audience.

We have created a space for speakers to share their craft and take center stage to showcase their skill set. Our speakers have gone on to get TEDx talks, Goalcast videos, paid speaking gigs and opportunities to speak at other events like the Archangel Summit.

​As a speaker for us you will...

  • Get a chance to compete for a prize package valued over $2500 dollars, including but not limited too... video services, coaching to become a paid speaker, tickets to events, online courses and so much more!
  • ​Be marketed relentlessly to gain exposure to people in the professional speaking community
  • Get an opportunity to solidify your brand as an award winning speaker

You will leave Speaker Slam with...

  • A sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • A powerful performance that showcases your public speaking skills
  • A new sense of purpose through creative expression and the thrill of competition
  • ​Lifelong connections with other passionate speakers

Our goal is to have personal, inspirational stories that move, empower, and inspire people within the theme. If you feel you're up for the challenge, register today!

What's in it for you?

  • Speaker Slam Medal
  • Signature Video (Valued at $997)
    Prize package donated by the judges
  • Exposure to people in the professional speaking community
  • Creative expression
  • The thrill of competition
  • Connect with other passionate speakers

Contest Details

  • Create a 4 minute inspirational speech on the theme of SOCIAL MEDIA.
  • Submit your video by September 17th, 2021 at 09:00 pm EST
  • There will be 2 age categories: Juniors:  Age 7-12 & Seniors: Age 13-17
  • The top 5 in each category will move forward to the final competition in front of 4 judges in the industry
  • The top speaker in each category will win a prize.

​Criteria to Compete:

  • Provide a headshot and fill out registration form
  • Compliance to the timing and format of the event
  • $50 Entry fee
  • 4 minutes original prepared speech on theme
  • Age Eligibility: 17 years old and under

Rules for Video Submission:

  • No Music
  • No B-roll: Any sort of image or video placed on the video to illustrate a point is not allowed.
  • Subtitles are allowed
  • Props are allowed
  • Multiple angles are allowed
  • Anything MORE than 4.31 minutes is disqualified

What People Are Saying:

Speaker Slam, for me, has been a lifeline. Yes, speaking is a passion. Yes, telling the story has been great. But more than anything, it's been so cathartic. It's allowed me to reach deep within myself to tell a really, really intimate story. But to hear people's reactions to that has been the most important thing because it has reminded me that I have something to say that's of value, and that I matter, and same for everyone in the audience. It's really incredible.

Nesh Pillay

Being involved with Speaker Slam has not only improved my confidence as a speaker and as a person, in general, but sharing my message on their stage has given me the opportunity to go viral on multiple platforms and gain thousands of views. And through that, I've gotten so many heartfelt messages from people around the world telling me how much my story has impacted them and changed their life. So, having this opportunity and platform to inspire so many people around the world has been an invaluable opportunity.

Jovana Borojevic

The true win with Speaker Slam was experiencing the stories, the connections, people reaching out, sharing their personal journey of whatever they were going through, moms facing adversity with their children, anxiety, and triumph. I'm touched by being part of the Speaker Slam family and learning so much from everyone. It's just been a wonderful journey, and I'm so grateful.

Gaby Mammone

Speaker Slam has been an amazing opportunity. It's welcomed me into this community of friends, other speakers, who are working together to create change, make a difference. By coming and sharing my story on this amazing platform, it's given my voice bigger meaning. My story has been featured on the Power of Positivity, A Plus. And recently, I did an interview on Global News because none of this would've happened without taking the stage at Speaker Slam and being encouraged by the community. So, I'm incredibly grateful.

Mike Shoreman