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Are you a speaker who is looking for a supportive community?

At Emerging Speakers™, every speaker is on their own speaking journey and we are committed to meeting them where they are at. We provide foundational training on what it takes to be an Inspirational Speaker and Storyteller as well as invaluable tools such as personal brand building, speaker marketing, and paid speaking insights.

Our speakers come for the curriculum but stay for the community. They gain confidence, make meaningful connections and thrive in a supportive, heart-centered environment. We love watching our students blossom as they excel in our competitions, earn their inspirational speaker designations, create community projects and experience breakthroughs in their lives.

"By watching Speaker Slam videos we realize how good the content is and we've never worked more than three times with one partner until now!"

- Cyrus Gorjipour Founder of Goalcast

Who Attends Emerging Speakers™ ?

Our Emerging Speakers™ members include current and past Speaker Slam competitors (including our 2020 and 2021 Inspirational Speakers of the Year!)

They also include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Authors & Speakers

They are mission-driven, heart centered and passionate about using their voice to make a difference in the world!

If you are passionate about speaking and want to live your purpose, join our community of Speakers who are on the same path.

"If you are a coach, speaker, teacher, or aspiring to be any of these things, or you simply have a story inside of you that you feel needs to be shared, Emerging Speakers is the program for you!  This experience, this mastermind is unlike any I have experienced before.  Rina and Dan have created a very special and supportive community.  You will be cheered on, you will be inspired and you will learn and grow in the most loving environment.  This experience had taught me how to tap into my vulnerability in a way that I just couldn’t access before and that has helped me leaps and bounds as a coach and as a human.  You have everything to gain from joining this amazing community."

Navi Bliss

What Do We Do?

Inspirational Speaking Curriculum

We focus on the elements of Inspirational Speaking – The Winning System. We write and share speeches, give feedback, and participate in impromptu speaking activities.  In addition we work on brand building and speaker marketing.

We have 2 classes monthly.

Certification Track

Our speakers work towards earning their Inspirational Speaker Designations from Bronze through Platinum.

The Certification is dedicated to:

  • Finding Your Voice
  • Building Your Brand
  • Leveraging Your Success
  • Elevating Your Expertise
Free Competitions

All of our Emerging Speakers are encouraged to compete in our online competitions.

This gives an excellent opportunity to put their newfound skills to good use!

They are also invited to attend all events and support their classmates.

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"The Emerging Speakers course assists aspiring and veteran speakers in fulfilling their personal or career goals by guiding participants through the process of crafting a story and delivering an inspiring and impactful speech. Speaker Slam and Emerging Speakers offer a wide range of opportunities and services to ensure that each participant gets what they need to hone their skills, develop experience, and master the art of inspiration.

Rina Rovinelli and Dan Shaikh's commitment to providing a truly remarkable learning experience while maintaining a high industry standard is remarkable. They truly give you the best chance to succeed with a convenient online platform, peer support, creative and content development, value for money with monthly opportunity to showcase skill development and practice live performance and enhance competitive edge.

Speaker Slam is more than a company, they're family."

Ingrid Palmer

Inspirational Speaker Certification Track

A holistic approach to professional excellence combining Speaking Mastery, Personal Brand Building, and Living an Inspired Life.

Find Your

Learn the foundation of Inspirational Storytelling. You will discover your message and how to use speaking to connect authentically with your audience. You will develop your clarity and confidence so that you can pursue your purpose and make impact.

Build Your

Use inspirational speaking to build your personal brand. Craft stories and content that continually amplify your message and show the world who you are. You will create energy around your message and use speaking to build momentum in your life.


Leverage Your Success

Take the success that you’ve built in the previous levels and magnify it! You will build community, get exposure, build momentum and be seen as the leader in your field. It’s time to leverage your inspirational speaking to create life-changing opportunities.


Elevate Your Expertise

Inspire the world, follow your life-long purpose and make the impact you are destined to make. Now is your opportunity to reap the rewards of this speaking journey. Create the book and the powerful keynote and have your voice amplified worldwide.


"When one of my best friends asked me if I would enter a speaking competition with her, I confidently responded with “never”. The thought of it terrified me. The idea stayed with me though and one day I went to the Speaker Slam YouTube page and proceeded to watch their speeches for hours.

I was in awe of the capacity people had to share their stories with such grace and humour. I was in awe of their confidence and I began to feel more and more drawn to the idea.

I thought, in order to be a speaker, I’d first need confidence. I was wrong. I simply needed the courage to try. I placed first in my first competition and it ignited this drive within me to learn more. I wanted to become masterful at story telling and to develop myself as a speaker and, after feeling the warmth and inspiration of the Speaker Slam community and the authenticity of Rina and Dan, I signed up for their Emerging Speakers program.

I can confidently say it is the most impactful, valuable and enjoyable program I have ever been a part of. If you desire to get on stage one day, if you have a story inside of you that you need to share with the world, if you want to put yourself out there in new ways - this is absolutely where you’ll want to be. Don’t worry if you’re not feeling confident yet, just take one courageous leap and the rest will come together. It will be the best decision and life will never be the same!"

Celeste Frenette

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The Membership Includes

Monthly Payments


Minimum 6 month Commitment

  • Inspirational Speaker Online Course ($997 value)
  • 2 classes monthly
    Choose either Tuesday eve or Saturday morning
  • Free competition entries (reg. $97)
  • Free entry to all Speaker Slam events
  • Inspirational Speaker Certification
  • Private Facebook Community



One Time Annual Payment


Most Popular (Save $200)

  • Inspirational Speaker Online Course ($997 value)
  • 2 classes monthly
    Choose either Tuesday eve or Saturday morning
  • Free competition entries (reg. $97)
  • Free entry to all Speaker Slam events
  • Inspirational Speaker Certification
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Includes 1 free feedback ($50 value)

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