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The Online Speaking Competition

Find Your Voice Online. 

The Online Competition invites heart-centred people from across North America to embrace their vulnerability and create powerful, inspirational speeches. 
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Submit your 4 minute inspirational speech and compete on our Virtual Stage for a chance to win a prize package worth up to $5000 and a chance to compete at the Grand Slam for the title of Inspirational Speaker of the Year.









Compete Now
 ​Criteria to Compete:
  • 4 minute original prepared speech on the theme
  • Provide a headshot and fill out branding form after registering
  • Compliance to the timing and format of the event
  • Good to above average speaking skills
  • $97 entry fee
  • Not open to EU entrants
  • No Music
  • No Broll: Any sort of image or video during the speech to illustrate a point is not allowed.
  • Subtitles are allowed
    Props are allowed
  • Multiple angles are allowed
  • Anything MORE than 4.31 minutes is disqualified
What's in for you?
  • Prize package from the judges valued at up to $5,000
  • Exposure to people in the professional speaking community
  • Creative expression
  • The thrill of competition
  • The potential to go viral and have your video be seen by millions
  • The opportunity to compete at the Grand Slam for the title of Inspirational Speaker of the Year

Judging Criteria  

The speech will be scored out a 100 points from the following categories:


Storytelling (30 pts)

  • Powerful personal story
  • Vivid and descriptive
  • Entertaining
  • Relevant learnings from story

Universal Message (25 pts)

  • Powerful and meaningful message
  • Strong moral to the story
  • Great learnings
  • Message worth sharing

Emotional Connection (15 pts)

  • Inspiring and Impactful
  • Resonates, passionate, heart touching
  • Ability to connect the audience emotionally to their speech

Presentation (10 pts)

  • Vocal variety
  • Body Language and performance
  • Compelling use of language
  • Powerful word selection

Uniqueness (10 pts)

  • Creativity
  • Innovative
  • The “It” Factor
  • A different perspective

Authenticity (10 pts)

  • Sincere and genuine
  • Vulnerable
  • Real and not contrived
  • Relateable 

"So we go through hundreds and hundreds of videos every single week to decide the videos that are going to go up on our platform. And by watching Speaker Slam videos we realize how good the content is and we've never worked more than three times with one partner.


And with Speaker Slam we've already selected I think four videos and we're now going to select even more. And it's just to show how much of a good job they're doing at selecting the speakers and selecting the stories because it really impressed us and that's why we're here. I just wanted to say that."

- Cyrus Gorjipour | Co-Founder of Goalcast