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"Winning Speaker Slam changed me forever!  My speech went viral and my life has never been the same."

Mike Shoreman

International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Award Winner, and All Around Change-Maker

Find out what it means to be an Inspirational Speaker and how it can change your life.

We would love to invite you to join the Emerging Speakers Academy, where we combine the most powerful Inspirational Speaking training program, with our Professional Speaker Intensive.  Imagine a place where you can grow as a speaker, get clear on your message, work on your storytelling all the while building the skills you need to actually monetize your speaking!  This includes monthly workshops from TEDx trainers, Book Publishers, 7 Figure Speaker Coaches, Speaker Marketing Experts and more.  Of course, you will benefit from our incredible community of speakers, coaches, authors and entrepreneurs - many of them Speaker Slam champions.  Join us today, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made!


➡ Do you feel like you have a message that you want to share with the world?

➡ Do you feel like it's your time to be seen and heard and take center stage?

➡ Do you trust that no matter what your ideal client will connect with your story?

What if you could

use speaking to market yourself

with our proven go-viral formula and powerful speaking curriculum, and then build momentum and connect with your clients and community for free?

It’s loud out here on Social Media. Everyone is vying for attention. People aren’t responding to Sales Pitches or Ads and it’s harder than ever to get noticed. 


Whether you are looking to find clients or amazing opportunities, the secret is connection! Let your message speak for itself. Let your speaking and your storytelling show your clients who you really are!  


You’re ready to get the attention of your ideal client, get booked to speak and build momentum in your life and business. 

Now what? It’s your BIG moment. 



Create your Viral-Worthy Speech and get ready to launch your life!

A Proven System for Action-Driven, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs and Leaders




"I can confidently say Emerging Speakers is the most impactful, valuable and enjoyable program I have ever been a part of. If you desire to get on stage one day, if you have a story inside of you that you need to share with the world, if you want to put yourself out there in new ways - this is absolutely where you’ll want to be."

Celeste Frenette

Soulful Business Coach (1 million views to date)

We help action-driven, aspiring, and rising entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and coaches like you, use speaking to build their brand and inspire the world.

With this easy-to-implement 12-month momentum-building membership, you'll learn vital information about crafting speeches that connect so that you can build your brand and amplify your sales.

As soon as you enroll, the membership will be available and ready for your viewing (and speaking) pleasure.

We’ve condensed everything we’ve learned in the past 6 years with hundreds of speakers having taken our stage and over 500 million views on their speeches down to a 12-month membership. We’ve paired it with everything you will need including an Inspired Life Certification Track, free online Speaking Competitions so you can practise, and the most supportive community anywhere!

Look, I know the last thing you need is to be overwhelmed by more information than necessary. Instead, you’ll get exactly what you need to create a powerful speech that you can use to build your brand and create massive momentum in your life.

Yes, I’m ready to join now!


"My life has completely shifted since competing at Speaker Slam. Not only have I had floods of people, thousands around the world messaging me sharing their story, their unwillingness to dim but I've connected with speaking opportunities, had TEDx offers and paid speaking opportunities. My video was featured on Goalcast and seen by more than 35 million people. It's been life changing."

Gina Hatzis

International Speaker & the Best Selling Author of 'The Too Much Woman'


"I absolutely loved competing in speaker slam! Dan and Rina worked hard to ensure my winning speech went viral with over 1 million views! SpeakerSlamFam is such a loving and supportive community of individuals who truly exist to inspire and motivate."

Lindsay Rae D'Ottavio

The Body Image Activist and owner of Self Love Experience TM


"Rina and Dan's commitment is remarkable. They truly give you the best chance to succeed with a convenient online platform, peer support, creative and content development, value for money with monthly opportunity to showcase skill development and practice live performance and enhance competitive edge.

Speaker Slam is more than a company, they're family."


"This is exactly what Emerging Speakers is all about. Great speakers- helping to develop great speakers. I've never been a part of a group with so much support, openness, helpful feedback and encouragement. Not only will you get to speak but more importantly- you will get to be heard."

Daniel Burns

ICF Certified Performance Coach - BVME Best Version of ME

Our Go-Viral formula and Inspirational Speaking Curriculum is what helped hundreds of our speakers go viral and receive over 500 million views on their videos. 


We will show you exactly what you need to do to create a speech that makes impact, connects powerfully and inspires the world. We will help you use speaking to build your brand like so many of our speakers before you.


When we started launching our speakers' videos, some speeches would get left on the cutting room floor, while others would explode online with an outpouring of love and support.  


Our speakers were confused at first.  They were sharing their stories but they weren’t connecting with their audience. The lacklustre response was disappointing.


Many of our speakers were not picked up by our viral partners, despite having great speeches. 


In time, we could clearly see the difference between the speeches that went viral and opened up doors and opportunities versus those that did not.


And not every speech has the potential to change someone’s life.  Not every speech is a winner.


We took our 5 years of learnings and spent a year creating the Emerging Speakers training program starting with the fundamentals. We looked at every single video that went viral and crafted our curriculum based on the learnings.


We spoke with industry giants like Innerlight Media, Goalcast and Power of Positivity to determine what exactly is the ‘secret sauce’ for successful speeches. We spent tens of thousands of dollars working with high end coaches to create a powerful program that would fully support our speakers.


We ran our programs live and then online, testing each facet of our program to see what made the most impact, and what would most benefit our speakers.


Today we are incredibly proud of our Emerging Speakers Membership. It incorporates everything our speakers need to make a difference in their lives. 


It merges Storytelling, Speaking, and Inspiring with Personal Brand Building. It supports with an amazing community of speakers on the same path and journey. And it brings in the tools that our speakers need to excel - like Free Speaking Competitions so they can practise their skills. And, an Inspirational Speaking Certification program to get them focused and developing the skills they need to succeed.


Our aim is to help you be the best speaker you can be and then to create a SIgnature Speech you are proud of. And then, we are here to show you how to build your brand with Speaking.


 Put Simply.


You’ll be able to attract clients, and opportunities through your speaking. Everything we've poured into our training is a result of hundreds of successful speakers with viral worthy speeches that changed their lives.


 Get ready to use your voice to market yourself and your business in the most authentic way possible.


Join the Membership Now!
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"If you want a place where you can be branded, coached and supported as an Internationally credible Inspirational Speaker, the Emerging Speakers training program is the place to be."

Emmanuel Buabeng

Speaker, Trainer, Coach


What will you receive when you sign up for instant access?


The Emerging Speakers Membership includes our Inspirational Speaking Curriculum and Go-Viral Formula, 2 monthly classes that will help you perfect your speaking and storytelling, our Inspirational Speaking Certification Track, Free Competitions, Free Events and Our Supportive Community


Plus, we’ll teach you how to… 

➡ Craft a powerful hook, story, and universal lesson that lands

➡ Use your speech to create a movement, write a book or build momentum

➡ Leverage your speaking to get press, paid speaking gigs and opportunities that will change your life




 ➡ Storytelling Journal: Receive our online Speaker Slam storytelling journal to begin working on your Signature through our guided process.

➡ Immediate + Lifetime Access: You can return to the online course to sharpen your skills at any time.

Emerging Speakers Academy Annual Membership


Most Popular (Save $400)

  • 12 Month Membership to Emerging Speakers Academy ($1997 value)
  • Inspirational Speaker Online Course ($997 value)
  • 2 classes monthly
    Choose either Tuesday eve or Saturday morning
  • Free competition entries (reg. $97)
  • Free entry to all Speaker Slam events
  • Inspirational Speaker Certification
  • Monthly Professional Speaker Workshops
  • Inspirational Keynote Training 
  • Private Facebook Community 




VIP Momentum Academy Annual Membership


Includes Coaching & Video ($6000 in value!)

  • 12 Month Membership to Emerging Speakers Academy ($1997 value)
  • Inspirational Speaker Online Course ($997 value)
  • 2 classes monthly
    Choose either Tuesday eve or Saturday morning
  • Free competition entries (reg. $97)
  • Free entry to all Speaker Slam events
  • Inspirational Speaker Certification
  • Monthly Professional Speaker Workshops
  • Inspirational Keynote Training
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Signature Video ($1497 value)
  • 1 Hour Deep Dive Coaching with Rina ($500 value)

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Here are some kind words from other Happy Members that use our formula to get results...


"If you are a coach, speaker, teacher, or aspiring to be any of these things, or you simply have a story inside of you that you feel needs to be shared, Emerging Speakers is the program for you! This experience has taught me how to tap into my vulnerability in a way that I just couldn’t access before and that has helped me leaps and bounds as a coach and as a human."

Navi Bliss

Certified Love and Relationship Coach


"The messages, and love, and stories I've been receiving, honestly, I have full-body goosebumps right now, truth bumps, of the emotional sharing that I've had the opportunity to give and be around. And it's a gift that I've never had before, and I feel really honored to be here."

Parul Bansal

Urban Artist


"When I started telling stories I remember being nervous and unsure of myself. My stories were good but I struggled with finding ways that would make people connect to them. I wanted to get better and I joined Emerging Speakers but felt every star struck. But Rina encouraged me to continue to attend, participating at my own pace, asking me to go just a little more outside my growth zone every time. Rina gave me the gentle push I needed to grow and find my place in this wonderful community! Now I have 2 beautiful Signature videos and I’m competing at the Grand Slam."

Marjorie Aunos

Inspirational Speaker and Writer



“Test and Apply” GUARANTEE


These proven speech writing and promotion methods have been tested over the last 6 years with over 500 speakers. They work and they’ll take your speaking and brand building to the next level, no matter what stage you’re at now.


We have seen so many speakers come into our program feeling a bit overwhelmed and uncertain.  We promise if you trust the process and are open to learning and growing, you will have a powerful transformation. 


Do the work and give us your all and if you don’t feel this is a right fit for you, come and talk to us. We guarantee this is the program for you and if we’re wrong, we’ll give you your money back.  Our 30 day guarantee is our commitment to you that Emerging Speakers works!

Join the Membership Now!

“Yes! I’m ready to master my message, create powerful speeches and videos and build my brand with speaking at Emerging Speakers!”


I know I’ll receive:

A 12 Month Membership to Emerging Speakers

Inspirational Speaker Curriculum

2 classes monthly

Free competition entries

Free entry to all Speaker Slam events

Inspirational Speaker Certification

➡ Monthly Professional Speaker Workshops

Inspirational Keynote Training

Private Facebook Community

 Dan and Rina’s full support

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Meet Dan and Rina - Who Are We?


Hi, we are Dan and Rina, the co-founders of Speaker Slam. We met 6 years ago at a local speaking group. We became instant friends with a shared passion for personal development, jerk chicken and taking center stage!

The truth is, we laughed louder than anyone else in the room and we wanted to hang out and dream big. We wanted to create something MAGICAL that would shake the world up and really make an Impact.

We created Speaker Slam so that we could provide a platform for people to share vulnerably and be seen and heard. We watched as our speakers had healing and cathartic experiences.

We saw their speeches explode and get massive views and make a difference to so many people! We saw them leveraging their success to build movements and momentum.

We created the Emerging Speakers training program so that we could help speakers everywhere get clear on their message and create viral worthy speeches. And now, we’ve taken this competition online and made it possible for speakers throughout North America to compete. 

We are excited to be a part of your journey. Join us and our incredibly supportive, heart-centered community. It’s time for YOU to shine!




➡ We practice what we preach. We won’t ask you to do anything we haven’t already done. We share vulnerably. We speak. We build our brand with storytelling and video.

➡ We are heart centered, mission driven entrepreneurs just like you! We are on the same path and we’ll be proud to walk alongside you.


➡ We are very accessible. You can always reach us by email or on social media. We are here to help you grow.


Let’s get started!